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Did someone say cake?

Did someone say cake?

So the email read ‘Send you cake’, there was probably a little more to it but that’s all I read. 

Bakerdays, why haven’t you been in my life before, how have I not come across a company that post out cakes with next day delivery?!

Luckily for me it happened to be the wife’s birthday so cake was always on the menu. The choice at Bakerdays is vast. Not only is there plenty of choice but their cake ideas are fantastic. Donetta loves a bit of Snapchatting so I went with the Snapchat theme and picked out a personal photo to go with it. Not only that but I also chose some text, all this on a 5 inch cake. The 5 inch cake is awesome purely because it gets posted through your letter box, that’s right, posted through your letter box, cake!

So moving on from the absolute coolness of having cake mixed in with your gas bill and local takeaway menu, the cake came packaged nicely, smelt great and tasted beautiful.

Donetta opened the box (Watch here) and revealed a little tin with the Bakerdays logo on which I think is cool. There was a pack with a couple of candles, a party  blower thing (that’s the technical term) and some balloons, nice touch Bakerdays! Even further there was a card inside with a little message telling us to enjoy our cake, Oh we did! So more than just a little cake in the post, there was real thought put together with the entire package.

Here’s a few reasons why I will use Bakerdays again and probably again after that too…

  • Order before 2pm for NEXT DAY DELIVERY
  • Cakes stay fresh for 14 days – We didn’t need 14 minutes!
  • Easy to order
  • Loads of unique design ideas


All in all we were impressed with both the service and the product and based on our experience would be happy to recommend Bakerdays 🙂

Have a look for yourselves…

bakerdays facebook
bakerdays twitter


Thanks for reading as always, treat yourself to some cake and see you online @dadvworld



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