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#DMPhotoChallenge | A Splash of H2O

#DMPhotoChallenge | A Splash of H2O

Here’s my very first entry for #DMPhotoChallenge

This weeks theme is ‘A splash of H2O’. Well, that’s handy for everyone because it happens to be hammering it down today, makes things easier.

However, I’m going in with this beauty below. I took this photo during our walk around the local lake, H2O ๐Ÿ™‚ We have a local village photo group on Facebook and I actually put it in there too. A day later they made it the cover photo for the group that is 6K strong, I couldn’t believe it!

So, it’s had a great reaction locally let’s see how it does here…



I was asked in the Facebook Group ‘Did you lay on the floor to take this?’ I actually like resting my phone/camera on the floor and capturing these ground level type photo’s, so pretty much I did yes. Anything to get the photo aye!

– The photo was taken with an iPhone 7 Plus

– I used Snapseed App – Filter HDR Scape Nature




Dada & Monkey


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