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Don’t be perfect, be real.

Don’t be perfect, be real.

Are we striving for a ‘perfection’ that doesn’t exist? Do we need to face up to reality to then truly appreciate what we actually have?

I’d say so. I mean I want my hair to suit any hairstyle whatsoever like David Beckham’s seems to. I want my children to be the most well mannered and well behaved whenever we’re out with others. I want my house to look like a show home and never get messy.

Just a few examples of things I’d like but will never have. The sooner I accept this, the happier I will be. I have to a certain degree. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with wanting everything and wanting the best of everything, but at some point the realisation of, well, real life, has to dawn on you.

I haven’t done my hair for about a month, that’s why I wear hats all the time! Corben has recently decided he will entertain activities we go to for about 10 minutes then we can frankly piss off if we think he will do more than this. When he says he’s done, he’s done. As for our house. Why do we continue to tidy up toys 18 times a day, really what is the point?!

I spend a lot of time reading, listening and speaking with parents and I am seeing more and more the realities of parenthood grimacing through. People within my personal circle of parents are never short of a real-life no holds barred story. Wee, poo, sick, that time of the month, PND and all! It’s refreshing to hear that 90% of us are going through very similar experiences. Our kids can have weird phases that turn out not so weird, because when people forget all the nonsense of trying to act like their parenting and children are flawless, it turns out most kids have these similar phases.

If we’re always searching for the ‘perfect’ in everything we do, we will never be satisfied. What I’m doing is stripping back all that shite I ‘think’ I want and actually concentrating on enjoying exactly what I have, a healthy, loving and happy family unit.

There’s so much fake in the world I’m always pleased to see some REAL.

Let me know what you think, have you given up on ‘perfection’ and swapped it for reality and happiness? See you online @dadvworld


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