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Eating In London | Bar + Block

Eating In London | Bar + Block

I’ve never felt more like Posh & Becks, well a Primark version of them at least. 

During a rare child free 12 hours we managed to travel down to London, eat like celebs, attend an event and get all the way back up north.

Our first stop in London was Bar + Block for food. Location wise Bar + Block is near perfect, right around the corner from London Kings Cross Station. From the outside the canopy with the logo on looks sleek. Full length windows all down one side makes the place look very modern.

Inside is where you realise you aren’t in a chain restaurant that churns out burger, chips and pint for £5. There’s a well lit natural light area towards the front with a gorgeous looking bar area. Then towards the back the lighting is lower setting a great ambience and the decor is amazing.

Right through the entire place there are little touches that really make the place feel premium. I mean, we felt like celebs eating out. We were met by a lovely member of staff that seated us and explained the menu.

Mattia took over from there, our waiter. What a guy! Customer service was 10/10 easy. Mattia has mastered the art of knowing right when to ask you if you’re alright, need anything or want your finished dishes taking away. We’ve all been in restaurants before when the staff are borderline stalkers and won’t leave you alone. Or worse, when you start wondering if they actually have staff because you’ve not seen anyone for 40 minutes!

Well I can’t praise Mattia enough, he was on hand right when we wanted him. Within a minute or so of being seated a huge bottle of water and a small tub of warm popcorn landed on our table, great touch Bar + Block.

We ordered cocktails and food and waited very little for either. You know when you’re waiting and they’re too quick, so you know you’re eating either hours old food or microwave stuff, or when you’re waiting that long you’ve gone past hungry and can’t be bothered with the meal anymore… Well again, the timing was perfect.

Bar + Block is a Steak House, right up our street! They lay down a marker when stating themselves as a steak house, you expect their meats to be an excellent standard. They did not disappoint.

Donetta had the mixed grill and I had rump steak. We had joked during our time in Bar + Block on Instagram and our Vlog that the place was amazing, the decor was excellent and that we felt like this was where celebs ate in London, all before we’d even tasted the food!

I’ll tell you now, the food lived up to expectations and more. DE-licious!

So after our main course we were already advocates for all thinks Bar + Block, we were sold 🙂

Then Mattia came along, again, just at the right moment to offer us the dessert menu. I’d love to tell you what was on the dessert menu but the first thing on the menu was Tripple Chocolate Brownie and that’s all I saw. We both ordered it and if we were fans at this stage this brownie blew our minds. You know when you eat something that’s so chocolatey you already know that you’re going to eat until you feel sick and you don’t even care, not one bit. That’s what happened.

Our experience was excellent. From the atmosphere to the customer service to the actual food, it was all of the highest quality. Here’s a few extra things I think I should tell you too…

 – Bar + Block is open from breakfast to late

– The Childs menu is very well priced and has decent options

– The cocktail and wine list is very good (As you’ll see in the vlog, I’m not a good drinker but if you are there’s plenty of choice)

– Bar + Block have 4 locations, London Kings Cross, Birmingham, Bath and Whiteley

– Despite being a steak house, there are vegetarian options too


I reckon that’s about it. What else do you want to know?


THE best extra touch and something many places could learn from… Plug sockets! Being right next to London Kings Cross I’m going to assume many travellers/on the go type of people will find themselves in Bar + Block and having somewhere to charge your phone etc is/was a life saver.

Are you planning a trip to London, do you fancy trying out Bar + Block, let us know in the comments or online @dadvworld 🙂




Bar + Block gave us a complimentary meal in exchange for a review. You guys know us by now that this doesn’t in any way sway our opinions, we give you our genuine thoughts and experience.


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