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Father’s Day Gift Guide | Top 10

Father’s Day Gift Guide | Top 10

Father's Day Gift Guide


Quick! It’s Father’s Day this weekend, get online and get the big man something, but what?

Here, I’m a Dad I’ll give you hand. I’ve been sent 10 different products to have a look at and here’s what I think about them, for full product details click the linked titles. There’s surely something here for your old man too…

Items 1-4 if your Dad is a geek like me.

Items 5-8 for trendy Dads that haven’t quite let themselves go yet.

Item 9 for those stereotypical Dad Dads, not me!

Item 10 is something EVERY Dad should receive this Father’s Day. Quite frankly, if you don’t get him one you’re kinda saying Mum is your favourite…


1 – Speedlink AXON – Computer Mouse

I’m using this right now and it’s easily the best mouse I’ve used. Now to be fair there’s not much I need from a mouse. Even when I’m on my laptop I prefer to use a mouse than the trackpad. This AXON feels amazing. A really comfortable rubber feel and the clicks are nice and soft, if that’s a good description?! I’m a bit of a geek so this type of thing is right up my street.

It’s promoted as a Silent & Antibacterial Mouse. Noise reduction, optical sensor, 1.5m cable and has an Antibacterial coating too! There’s 5 buttons and a scroll thingy… Massively useful to me and has immediately taken the place of my other mouse I’ve used for a couple of years now. If Dad’s always at the computer then get him one of these he’ll appreciate it.

Speedlink AXON Mouse


2 – Sony Vegas Studio

If you’re looking for a very good, powerful video editing software program, then Sony Vegas Studio is well worth a shout. I’ve used iMovie, Windows Movie Maker and the free trial version of Sony Vegas Studio and they’re OK for standard videos and vlogs. There’s then Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere too, but they’re at the high end in terms of cost. If you’re looking for something with plenty of options and affordable, then Sony Vegas Studio is the place to look. Feature filled editing software that I will certainly be switching over to for my upcoming YouTube videos.

Easy to use, options for guides and plenty of editing options, if your Dad is a YouTuber, Vlogger or just loves putting together footage from the family holidays but wants that extra oomph, get this on your list.

Sony Vegas Studio


3 – Edifier Speakers M1360

For Dad’s office, or den if he’s one of those guys! Yes, yes and yes for these. The Edifier Speakers are hooked up to my PC where I usually have YouTube music playing whilst working on my laptop. Not only do they look fantastic they sound great too. Very crisp and LOUD! My favourite part without a doubt is the little volume control dial you get included. Makes my desk look posh and is mega handy to have. Quality sound and fantastic looking, boxes ticked, get them ordered.

Edifier Speakers M1360


4 – TrackR – Bravo

Never mind Dads, I need 4 of these for Donetta and the kids, not literally for them, but for them to use… Well, maybe I do mean for them.

TrackR is a GPS Tag that you put on something valuable that if you lost you’d want to track down. For me, it’ll be going on my bag that I carry with my laptop, iPad etc in. It can go on your mobile phone, keys, TV remote or even your pet! Download the app on your phone, link them up and boom! There’s a few more features to this product too so click the link above and go have a butchers! If Dad’s always losing it, as in items, this product won’t stop Dads from losing ‘it’, that’d be a priceless product, but if Dad is always shouting where’s this and where’s that, get him a TrackR Bravo!

TrackR Bravo


5 – MR. Jamie Stevens – Hair Gel & Beard Oil

Classy branding from MR Jamie Stevens. I’ve always struggled to grow a beard until I was about 28. 3 years on as it gets longer it becomes straggly, is that a word? I’ve got some Thicker Fuller Beard Oil to test out, it tames beard hair which sounds promising. I don’t have any results to share just yet as I’ve only had it a couple of days but this along with the hair gel should be on your list purely down to Jamie Stevens. Multi-award winning hairdresser with some good principles in terms of testing products. Happy to work with this brand definitely.

All Dad’s will appreciate any products from MR’s range. Probably just get the beard oil for the bald Dads though…

MR Jamie Stevens


6 – Bluebeards Revenge – Grooming Products For Men

Don’t just buy this stuff for Dad, get signed up as a member too for freebies, discounts and prizes. I’ve got quite the bundle to try out. Matt Clay, Matt Paste and Pomade hair products. Mixed with me promoting my DadvWorld Snapbacks and having all this choice, I’ve not had chance to test them all out yet, but, they smell great! The packaging and overall presentation of not only Bluebeards Revenge’s products, but their whole social media and website has certainly won me over, it’s fantastic and informative.

So I was sold on this brand purely on how cool everything looked. Then I tested the aftershave they sent me. WOW! My wife will be following me around with a baseball bat! Stay away ladies I’m married LOL. I will say right now on record that it is my No.1 favourite aftershave EVER. I keep sniffing myself whilst writing this post, it’s soo good.

If your Dad is still young at heart like me, still feeling 20 and fresh, then you HAVE to buy him some Bluebeards Revenge stuff.

Bluebeards Revenge Bluebeards Revenge


7 – Quiet Rebellion – Socks

No Father’s Day post is complete without socks. Not buying your Dad socks on Father’s Day should actually be punishable with jail time. But, if you’re going to buy socks then do it properly. Leave out the ยฃ1 for 34 pairs that are black yet transparent. Click the link and get some Quiet Rebellion socks. They are cool AF!

Comfortable, look good and the packaging, WOW. I didn’t want to open mine the packaging was so good. You’ll have to check out the pics below to see what I mean. If ever a company take care with every sale, Quiet Rebellion have nailed it.

Quiet Rebellion Socks



8 – Knomo – Backpack – Albion

Treat your Dad and treat him well, he deserves it. I carry around my laptop and all sorts of other stuff too so I always have a backpack with me. If you’re having a backpack, have this one! It’s awesome. If ever I say something has a premium feel about it, then this product defines that statement. Practical, stylish and pure quality.

It’s great for my 15″ MacBook, iPad and other bits I carry regularly. It helps that it looks so damn cool too. Even the box it comes in has earned a place on my desk as a show piece for the foreseeable ๐Ÿ™‚



9 – Tuffermann – Shelves

I’m not a stereotypical mans man. As in I’m rubbish at DIY! But, I have DIY type stuff and loads of other stuff that always finds it’s way into the garage. So, best get some shelves for the garage so it at least looks a little more organised. Tuffermann sorted me out some quality shelves for the garage at the new house.

Does your Dad need some quality shelving for his shed/garage, Tuffermann have loads of different ones available. Do your bit for Dad’s garage!

Tuffermann Shelves


10 – DadvWorld Snapback

Prove that Mum isn’t your favourite and get your Dad a DadvWorld Snapback! If you don’t then you’re simply not doing Father’s Day right. It’s not just a cap, it’s a symbol of Parenting United & Real. We are all in this together, keep it real and help each other out. The ultimate Father’s Day gift ๐Ÿ™‚

DadvWorld Snapback


So there you are, no excuses now, there’s plenty to go at here. Let me know what you decide and get me tagged in your Father’s Day gift photo’s @dadvworld ๐Ÿ™‚

See you online @dadvworld



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