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We Featured Across The Everton Football Club Website & Social Media!

We Featured Across The Everton Football Club Website & Social Media!

WOW. Just WOW!

As a life long Evertonian I can’t explain to you how amazing it feels that my club have recognised my work and not only that, they’ve chosen to use it to promote their renewed partnership with another huge brand!

Last year we were approached by Thomas Cook Sport to work with them on their Ticket Travel Hotel Experiences. Basically they provide amazing packages which include tickets to your chosen sporting event, travel and a hotel stay near the chosen event. They cover a tonne of sports and have a vast amount of partners in the sporting and hotel industries. You can find out all the details HERE.

So that was awesome. We chose to take Corben to his first ever Everton match and were put up in an amazing hotel right on the Albert Docks. We created a blog post telling you lovely lot all about our experience and how much it meant to me as a dad to take my son to his first match. You can read that HERE.

We also created a video as we love to capture our lives on film to watch back in years to come using our YouTube Channel. You can watch the Everton video HERE! AND PLEASE DO 🙂

Well, all of that is already very good. We couldn’t believe that through the blog we were getting awesome opportunities like this. The Everton game, the hotel stay, the emotions I went through that day remembering all of things my dad showed me and now I was passing this down to my son, it was all breathtaking.

A couple of months went by and then I got a phone call. I was driving at the time and couldn’t answer so listened to the voicemail once I’d got home. It was a guy from Thomas Cook Sport that I’d worked with before telling me that he had another opportunity for me. I was obviously really pleased and responded to him to find out more.

I received this email…

I immediately rang Donetta then my Dad (Another HUGE Evertonian) to tell them EVERTON wanted to use MY video! I was ecstatic to say the least.

If you’re a football fan and you love your club, I mean, as in it plays a huge part in your life, like Everton to for me, you’ll understand how big this is on a personal level.

Everton have literally millions of fans across the world and they’re a huge football club with a major history and they’re my club. So the fact they’ve not only acknowledged I exist, they’ve seen our video and want to actually use it. That’s MEGA!

Yesterday 9th February 2018 I got the nod from Thomas Cook Sport that they and Everton were announcing their renewed partnership at 5pm so I had to keep an eye out for it.

I didn’t know exactly where it was going so I had tabs open on the laptop for Everton’s website, their Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels, along with Thomas Cook Sport social media platforms too. I kept pressing refresh every 30 seconds from 4:45pm in case they were early!

It hit 5pm and BOOM! There it was, on the official Everton website they mentioned ME, me directly, I’m there, right there, they referred to my video and even linked it for people to go over to our channel to watch! Not only that, their cut version was right there too, Corben and I, our faces on the Everton website! AMAZING!

Everton dadvworld


Can you see it, it says DadvWorld Blogger! HAHA!

The initial reactions from friends were all about my hair, after that they knew what this meant and congratulated me for what I’m definitely calling an achievement. I branded it around and shouted from the rooftops and a big thanks to everyone that saw how happy this made me and sent nice comments and messages and those that re-shared it from various platforms, that means a lot to have support from some seriously nice people.

Thanks to Thomas Cook Sport for working with me and to Everton for recognising me!

Two years ago this month I started this blog. I remember being happy about receiving a £1.79 pack of kids snacks and thinking, this blogging thing is cool. Now I’ve been sent off to Everton, hotel stays on Albert Dock and featured on my clubs website. My work recognised by the team I’ve followed my entire life.

All the hard work has paid off.

Is this a sign of things to come, I hope so. I know in reality this won’t change my life, my stats haven’t changed, I’m no overnight success because of this. It’s purely a personal achievement and a personal success that has simply blown me away. I wanted to shout about it and I have, so as you were… Work hard. Achieve.




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