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GeekvWorld | Top 5 shows to watch on Netflix

GeekvWorld | Top 5 shows to watch on Netflix

Netflix is definitely the best product I have that comes out of my bank each month!

We watch Netflix most nights, there are tonnes of series and films to choose from and today we’re going to tell you our favourites so far.


So there’s 2 of us, we’re married, which means we shouldn’t often agree however we do have very similar tastes in TV shows! So don’t be surprised if our own individual Top 5’s are very similar.


  1. The Originals – It was a toss up for top spot but there’s one factor that ultimately made my decision, Niklaus Mikaelson: Klaus. For me Klaus is the best written character I’ve ever come across in a TV Series. Not only is the character written to perfection, Joseph Morgan executes the role superbly. His eloquent manner mixed with his vicious temper puts together the ultimate predator, brains AND brawn. The show is a spin off from The Vampire Diaries, spin offs generally don’t do well but, The Originals for me is definitely the best series on Netflix, especially if Vampires, Witches and Werewolves are you thing…. They are mine!The-Originals
  2. Sons of Anarchy – Would be No.1 on the list if not for Klaus. Similarly to Klaus however, Jax Teller is like the human version, intelligent and tough. I’m usually very good at guessing what’s going to happen when we’re watching shows, sometimes to my disappointment because it’s then rare that shows surprise me. Not Sons of Anarchy, just when you think, ah that guy will come good, he does something worse. You think, ah they won’t kill that character, then BANG! He’s dead. The twists and turns come thick and fast in every episode and the violence is brutal. If there’s something you will take from my taste in TV shows and films, I like violence! SoA is an amazing show and you need to watch it!
  3. White Collar – Easy watching I like to call these types of shows. They have that nack where you could easily watch an episode half way through a season and enjoy it without having watched all the others. Each episode has a case, opened then closed. Throughout the show though, there is a whole story that progresses which is what you need to watch the entire seasons for. With other shows I feel if you miss one thing in one episode then you’ll fall behind, with White Collar though I wouldn’t be too concerned really if I only half watched one. Saying that I get that involved and the show is that cool I always watch every bit!!white-collar-header
  4. Orange Is The New Black – Watch the first 2 or 3 episodes and you’ll be like WTF, is this just a strange humoured lesbian fest? Then you continue to watch, obviously, and you start laughing, then laughing some more, then you cringe a little, then you’re addicted! This show is set in a female prison and the majority of the characters are quite frankly, off their tits! It’s hilarious and definitely a show to stick with. However… We’ve just watched the most current season, 4 and we we’re both disappointed. I think they tried to bring in a little more seriousness to some of the story lines and it didn’t work for me. Will I watch the inevitable season 5, YES!oitnb-cover
  5. Pretty Little Liars – Finishing off my top 5 is PLL. It maybe, should be, slightly higher but I did have a season long lull. As in I got bored and basically watched on because we’d invested too much time in it already to not continue and soldier on. Saying that though the majority of the entire show is amazing! Another one with twists and turns and new plots popping up all over the place. It’s a great show, I just wish they’d all learn to stop lying!!!



  1. Sons of Anarchy – Very much for the same reason as in the above list. There are so many strong characters making it pretty much impossible to guess who’s doing what behind who’s back. The entire show was fantastic and you felt throughout that you couldn’t miss a single scene. d09cc1fd552d12f49cf60f69150aefaed9224dd08b0b8fa013a23c1352876137
  2. The Originals – I also love vampires! The Originals are a family built up as the most powerful and most feared vampires in history and they don’t disappoint. Right through to the current available episode not once has the show been boring. It’s in my list over TVD because it’s more action packed, TVD is more towards the teen drama side.
  3. Pretty Little Liars – A strange one because as David says it did become a little slow in places but I can’t stop watching and now it’s only available once a week I’m waiting for each episode every week so that speaks for itself. PLL can be jumpy in places and get you on the edge of your seat, that’s always a plus point. It’s plenty good enough to make the top 5. pll-intro
  4. Breaking Bad – Was a slow burner and after season one I did wonder why we continued to watch this. But, it just got better and better and watching Walter change and develop into a completely different person was well worth slogging through that first season. Breaking_Bad_title_card
  5. Jessica Jones – This show beats Orange Is The New Black only because the 4th season of OITNB was disappointing. I’ve tried to think of the shows that I’d really like to see more of right now and Jessica Jones fits that perfectly. We’re really into Marvel and superhero/superpowers stuff in our house so it was a no brainer that JJ made the list. David also thinks I’m a little like Jessica Jones…. Inquisitive, problem solver and have super strength. Or in his words, dark hair and moody!! Jessica-Jones-1-1200x674


So that’s our Top 5 shows we’ve watched on Netflix. To be fair we could have picked and still struggled to pick a Top 10 each!! We’ve watched tonnes of others that we will continue to watch should there be more of them and some we haven’t tried yet. Person of Interest, Orphan Black, we’ve started but not yet continued Gotham and Daredevil which are high on the list given our love for Marvel and DC.


Let us know your favourites, top 5, what you’re currently watching, all opinions welcome!!

This is the first joint post from us as we launch the new section of DadvWorld – GEEKVWORLD. We will be updating weekly on what we’re watching along with taking your suggestions. We will be talking more tech and apps too so watch out for those posts!


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