Get in my belly!

Get in my belly!

If anyone you know declines a cupcake, delete them immediately as a friend on Facebook!

Especially if it’s a CakeToppers cupcake. I was innocently scrolling through Facebook when a post appeared suggesting bloggers should contact CakeToppers and ask to review their cupcakes. My finger stopped scrolling and started typing, my email was sent over in seconds.

Luckily for me the response I got was positive and delivery was arranged to get some personalised cupcakes sent over. I picked a photo and emailed it across and within a couple of days my personlised cupcakes arrived ready to scoff! I’ll be honest, had I not agreed to review them on the blog, they wouldn’t have lasted 5 seconds, but that was the deal so here’s some pics I had to take first.

In the box was a nice little personal message letting me know there was also some allergy info I’d asked about with regards to Corben’s nut allergy, nice touch. There were a few business cards with all the info, I’ll be displaying one in the office for YouTube vids and also passing them around for sure! The cupcakes were very well packed and arrived promptly and safely. I can vouch that they offer great customer service along with next day delivery!

Now that bit’s out the way, I thought the following photo’s would represent my thoughts on the actual product better than words could…


Go check out CakeToppers for yourself

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