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Grandad’s Shed

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I’d go as far to say that Grandad’s Shed is more functional than my house!

So my Dad’s shed (Grandad’s Shed is what it’s been dubbed by Corben, for obvious reasons) is filled with tools and gadgets that I’ve not ever seen anywhere else in my life other than his shed.

Every time I go in I’m saying ‘Ooh what’s this’, ‘what does that do’ which is usually followed by ‘put that down’!

It always gets me thinking, do I need a shed?

I think everyone could benefit from having a shed couldn’t they? They’re so useful and versatile you can use them for a whole host of things. When I was a kid the shed was where the lawnmower and trimmer went and an old frame from a bike… No wheels, just a frame. I don’t know it was weird. Nowadays sheds are becoming more like an extension to the house than an outdoors storage box.

Take my Dads shed for instance, we practically run a full business from it. It’s kitted out with benches, storage and everything has a place. There’s electricity wired from the house to make it even more functional! Sheds are getting more and more useful every year.

In the summer we can get a fridge in there and turn it into a bar during family BBQ’s. If we need anything fixing we all know Grandad’s Shed is the best place to go! We’ve had so many ‘good ideas’ over the last few years we’ve ended up with TWO sheds in my Dad’s garden. One for tools and storage and the other as a workshop/workspace for our many ventures. Having a good quality shed is so useful and also helps keep the house less cluttered.

We’ve moved house not so long ago so currently don’t have a shed, but I’m so jealous of Grandad’s Shed that I’ve been keeping an eye out for one. My tool collection has been building over the last 5 years, strangely since becoming a Dad. Maybe the two go hand in hand, have a kid, tools required?!

Anyway, I’ve been looking at some of the Tool Sheds for sale at GBC Group since they asked me how versatile I thought sheds could be. Of course I knew the answer immediately, as versatile as Grandad’s Shed 🙂


Let me know in the comments all the useful, weird and wonderful ways you use your garden sheds in the comments… Tools, hobbies, bars or anything else creative… See you online @dadvworld




3 thoughts on “Grandad’s Shed

  1. We have a shed – kind of. It’s actually a dog run – so half of it is open with wire mesh. We don’t use it as a dog run now due to a spate of dog thefts. Now we keep all sorts of crap in there…. including the lawnmower!

      1. Our garage has the tumble dryer and the dog pen so no room in there either!

        Oh I hated the original Jumanji but may have to watch the new one… because, well Dwayne man!

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