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Groov-e Bluetooth Earphones

Groov-e Bluetooth Earphones

Who lays up in bed at night binge watching YouTube videos or Netflix?

Thought so, we do too. On top of having either Corben digging his elbow in my ribs or Donetta stealing all the covers, my biggest annoyance during my night time content overload session, is bloody earphones!

You move your big toe half an inch and one rips out of your ear. Wires get tangled every 5 seconds and you spend most of the night untangling the chuffers. It turns into a constant battle, well unless you’re like Donetta and you can just lay there without moving for about 3 hours. I sometimes have to check she’s still alive. I fidget like a kid on Skittles.

I know what you’re shouting at your screen now ‘Why don’t you buy some Bluetooth ones and stop moaning’. You’re right. Only it took me quite some time to put the thought and the action of doing so together!

Along came Groov-e and my problem has been solved.

OK, these Bluetooth Earphones aren’t built with me watching YouTube in bed in mind, but they definitely do the trick.

Now what they’re really for and why they have a cool flashing LED strip, is for the sporty people that read my blog. Are there any of you out there? Well these Groov-e Bluetooth Earphones have flashing bits, they fit around your ears, feel comfy and work well when I’m watching my own vlogs, erm, I mean catching up on other people’s videos.

Below is a list of features that include a sweat proof rating… Now I want to make it clear, I don’t watch anything in bed that requires my earphones to have such a rating, it just so happens they do :/

  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 8 hours Audio Playback8 hours Audio Playback
  • LED Neckband with 4 SettingsLED Neckband with 4 Settings
  • IPX6 SweatproofIPX6 Sweatproof
  • Ideal for SportsIdeal for Sports
  • Secure Fit EarbudsSecure Fit Earbuds
  • Hands-Free MicHands-Free Mic
  • Rechargeable BatteryRechargeable Battery
  • Micro USB Charging CableMicro USB Charging Cable
  • Travel PouchTravel Pouch

How are they for running… Well you’ll have to buy your own and let me know 🙂

See you online… @dadvworld



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