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Has Social Media Really Made Us Less Social?

Has Social Media Really Made Us Less Social?

There are so many amazing things that you can do with the internet it’s mind-blowing. It’s easy to take the internet for granted and forget how incredible it is.

Aside from the fact you can order your weekly shop from sat on your sofa, you can watch almost any show on the planet anywhere the best thing about the internet in my opinion, is the ability to connect and engage with other people.

As with almost anything in the world, a lot of our thoughts, feelings and decisions are all based on our perception of things put in front of us. I’ve seen many posts online around the fact that social media has in fact created a society of less social people. Some perceptions are that it’s done the reverse of it supposed purpose.

I disagree, my perception is entirely different. I’m not saying my way is correct because I’m open minded enough to realise that the differences of opinion on this are all down to perception not facts. I mean, how could you even measure whether social media has made us more social or not? If you could you’d then have to speak with every person on the planet to deem your findings a fact.

I believe social media has made me even more social! I speak with lots of people on a daily basis online and have even met a few in ‘real life‘ and become ‘actual friends‘. The confidence I’ve grown through connecting, engaging and speaking with people online has increased my confidence with being more social in day to day life offline too. I’ve certainly become more social through using social media.

I’ve highlighted ‘real life‘ and ‘actual friends‘ in the previous paragraph because I again have a different perception to life in 2018 from what I’ve seen many speak about online. I do believe that you can meet actual friends online and build a relationship exclusively online with other like-minded people. I speak with a few people mainly via Instagram that in reality I’m not likely to meet with. However we still speak regularly and think of each other as friends would. I think it’s the current, modern way some friendships have gone in recent years.

I speak with some people I’d consider friends online more than I do my actual friends I’ve had for years, since childhood! Social media and building relationships online I believe IS REAL LIFE in today’s world.

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My childhood friends and ex-work colleague friends aren’t always into the same things as I am, Blogging, Instagram and YouTube etc. Online I have made so many friends that are into these things and we have loads of things in common that help to build a friendship just as relevant as those built offline. I think it’s healthy to have different types of friends in different areas of your life. This doesn’t make my friends I’ve known most of my life any less important by the way, they simply occupy a different section of my life.

Then there’s people that aren’t lucky enough to have many or any friends from their day to day life. Their internet tribe of friends are their only friends. It would be ridiculous to think that those relationships would be meaningless merely because they were made via social media. I referred to some of my ‘real friends’ as ex-work colleagues too. Well now I work purely online! So people I meet online within my industry do and can become friends just as those in an actual office or warehouse or shop floor would.

Maybe some of those with the perception that social media makes us less social are referring to the fact not many people speak with strangers out and about in public, have we ever? Gone are the days when everyone in the local community knew each others business all through word of mouth. There are very few little villages of that sort left now. That’s nothing to do with social media though, that’s due to the way the country has been run into the ground over the last 30-40 years, slowly ripping the sense of community from communities.

Or is it because when ‘friends’ are on a night out they spend most of the evening looking at their phones and tagging each other on Instagram as opposed to having an actual conversation? This for me again isn’t down to social media, it’s pure ignorance and lack of manners. Sure, take a snap and share it on social media, that’s part of what it’s for, to create and save memories to look back on later. I do that and have no problem with that. If your friend only looks up from their phone every 25 minutes to offer one word answers then I have news for you… You need new friends.

I can 100% see how people consume those memes and social study videos on Facebook and buy into the fact that the very platform you’re consuming this information on is the problem why it appears there are so many ignorant people nowadays. They show very relatable scenarios that have you believing we’re all now socially inept because of social media and smartphones.

However, give your eyes a rub and look at your own lives before making your decision on this. We’ve been to visit friends on many occasions, even friends that Vlog, Instagram and share much of their lives online… On every occasion there was less social media and smartphone activity than usual! This was because we don’t get to see each other often or because it was the first ever meeting I find it bad manners to spend that time on my phone. In fact I didn’t even think about it, I was enjoying their company and we had so much to chat about I didn’t think twice about grabbing selfies every five minutes and constantly trying to convince others online that I was having such a blast! We all know those doing that are only trying to convince themselves.

So the facts about myself and the situations I experience in my life give me a different perception to that of many on the internet about social media making us less social.

I think that’s a load of shite, let me know your thoughts in the comments…



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  1. 12th March 2018 / 7:30 am

    It has definitely made me more social and many people I have met via blogging I now consider friends yourself included David really interesting read mate. Actually the other day somebody I was in school requested to be my friend on fb I declined I have not heard from them in years I simply have nothing in commmon with them. I actually questioned in my head why do you want to be friend, he wasn’t that nice to me in school if I’m honest. Maybe I’m being cautious, but thought he was just being nosey.

    • DadvWorld
      12th March 2018 / 1:38 pm

      Ah the old ‘let’s be Facebook friends’ even though you never spoke or even hates each other at school. Ha! Ah, we are mates course, all via the internet and blogging! It’s no less important that we communicate and check in often to see how each other are doing, than it is with people I’ve known for years closer to home. Socialising has evolved.

  2. 12th March 2018 / 12:20 pm

    Couldn’t agree more mate. Great post. I love using Instagram and I’ve loved starting my blog. There is a fantastic online community to talk with as well as your real life friends. Alot of my real life friends have moved away so online is the easiest way we communicate until we visit each other.

    • DadvWorld
      12th March 2018 / 1:34 pm

      Thanks mate, appreciate you reading and your kind comments. Instagram is king at the minute. I think maybe we’re just socialising in a different way nowadays, its evolved, changed or tweaking a little. Keep up the great work 🙂

  3. 14th March 2018 / 10:59 am

    Difficult, very difficult. Yes, social media has give us more connections, but are they all positive and meaningful? I personally believe there is a difference between online versus real life friends but like you, the former has become the latter in various instances. In terms of people I meet and see regularly, I’m not sure social media has had a massive impact. A bit of one, but not huge.

    • DadvWorld
      18th March 2018 / 10:57 am

      Oh yeah, there are many ‘connections’ online rather than friends, but there are many I’d consider friends now. I think when people are discussing this topic they’re imaging things different to reality. Sat around a table on a meal out and all 4 friends staring at their phones all night etc. This probably does happen for some, those people are simply dicks. In my reality this doesn’t happen, I see my friends and of course there’s content created for social media, that’s life now, but spending time together and actual conversations remain priority. It would be the same with anyone I’d meet from the internet too, it has been in fact. Its an interesting topic with many perceptions 🙂

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