The most asked question I’ve had in the last 12 months had been ‘As a blogger, how do I get brands to send me stuff’.


After indulging in several boxes of Hellofresh meals I must get asked almost daily…

‘Hellofresh, is it worth it?’

In short, YES! However I assume the amazing folk at Hellofresh would like me to elaborate on how I came to this decision.

Not only will I elaborate further below, but we’ve also filmed a video which you can see HERE > HELLOFRESH, IS IT WORTH IT? | DAVID & DONETTA

Before we go any further I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this you know that Hellofresh is a weekly subscription meal box thingy. Hang on let me get the official tag line…

Dinner is Solved.

All the fresh, pre-portioned ingredients you need to cook delicious weekly recipes, delivered to your door. Easy.

Basically you pay them some money and they send you the relevant amount of meals to your door. All you do is cook them. There’s meals for two, which we’ve had and a Family Box option which is the main focus of this post.

hello fresh dadvworld

Right then. So our standard week in terms of evening meals usually involves a pointless 15 minute chat where Donetta and I discuss what we might fancy this coming week. I’ll say ‘Whatever, I’ll eat owt. What do you fancy?’ To which she’ll reply ‘I don’t know’.

If we didn’t have kids I’m almost certain we’d be 3 stone a piece because we’d never decide on a meal. However we do have kids which meals despite our lack of motivation for weekly meal prep it’s looked down upon not feeding your kids. So we get off to the supermarket. Actually hang on… After attempting to write down an ingredients lists of things that might get slung together in some form or another and chasing Corben around for 25 minutes trying to get his second shoe on, we then get off to the supermarket.

With every intention of buying ‘proper’ food this time we approach those boring aisles. You know, them ones with Pasta on and stuff in jars that say something about 20% less fat but are in jars twice the normal size :/

We attempt to follow the list but the supermarket marketing people are geniuses. EVERY TIME I end up down that aisle with chocolate as far as you can see. I mean the pasta aisle if full of dull brown, green and red colours, then the chocolate aisle is bursting with colour as if it’s shouting ‘Oi big lad, you’ll want me at 10:04pm during your Netflix binge’.

We manage to get in some ‘healthy’ stuff but it’s always outweighed by the usual stuff that we still grab for ‘just in case’, frozen chicken nuggets and fish fingers.

Throughout all of this Corben generally has his own agenda too. Magazine, Kinder Egg and anything else he can get is a bonus. He loves a bonus too.

We sling it on the conveyor belt, buy bags because we’ve forgotten the 984 we ‘saved’ at home for this very moment, bang it in the car and off home we go… For Fish Finger sandwiches because by this time it’s too late to cook anything proper!

Does this sound familiar?


Then we had Hellofresh for 4 straight weeks. Things have changed.

The door bell rings on a Monday, the delivery person hands over our box and we dive straight in (Usually on Instagram) to find out what meals we have for the week. The meal cards get stuck up in the kitchen and the ingredients are put away. All in less time it takes for us to get Corben’s shoes on.

You see for me there are several really strong positives to using Hellofresh.

  • It takes away all of the hassle I’ve gone through above
  • Inevitably that means more quality family time and less, stressful family shopping time
  • All ingredients are there, all you have to do is cook them
  • It’s made not only myself, but our daughters get more involved with cooking meals alongside Donetta which we’ve all enjoyed
  • We’ve been introduced to an absolute boat load of new foods, recipes and things the kids and I would have never even entertained before
  • Meals come in colour co-ordinated bags so you’re not searching for things here, there and everywhere
  • Meals are healthy
  • We now don’t have to think up/make up ingredient lists or meal ideas because we just use the Hello Fresh recipe cards that have it all listed!

Seriously that last point is an amazing tip. We save all of our recipe cards and use them when we do have to revert to the ‘old’ way of shopping for food yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

hello fresh dadvworld

There you have it, I’ve elaborated and you can now see why I say YES!

I know on these posts we have to do that thing where I tell you Hellofresh sent me some of their product in exchange for an honest review, blah blah etc. Well they did, however I have a little story for those of you that are bloggers…

We paid, yes PAID! (not everything is free for bloggers you know) for a few weeks worth after Donetta saw some people on YouTube using them. We were so impressed we took to Instagram to cook one of the meals and did a bit of appreciation promo. I just made that term up – We just promoted them as we appreciated their product.

A little bit later we were invited to work with Hellofresh on this blog post and got invited down to Hellofresh HQ! Did our appreciation promo have anything to do with it or was it pure coincidence, I’ve no idea but we’re more than happy to shout about Hellofresh from the roof tops!

(Hopefully they’ll send us more freebies! Just kidding, or am I?)

That’s your lot in this one.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried Hello Fresh or want to try, there are generally offers available on your first box and/or I sometimes have codes ๐Ÿ™‚

Remember to watch the HELLOFRESH VIDEO BELOW! – See you online @dadvworld






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