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How I Motivate Myself

How I Motivate Myself

Finding motivation is one of the most difficult things to do every single day. Most of us spend at least 5 minutes trying to convince ourselves to get out of bed, that’s after we’ve hit snooze twice already! 

For some parents I know it’s a struggle to motivate yourself to do all 392 jobs you have each day. Washing the pots, putting the bins out and generally keeping the kids alive. Then you include work and for me working from home and for myself.

Self-motivation is a vital skill for anyone that’s trying to make it out there on their own. If I’m not motivated to get things done then nothing gets done and I don’t get paid! So, I need to constantly self-motivate to make sure that I succeed in the area I’ve chosen to tackle. It’s not easy and I have many days where for a split second I wonder if it’d just be easier to go back and sit in an office all day where I’m spoon fed stuff to get on with. Only a split second though, then I remember how happy my friends are back in the old office… This is sarcasm, they’re miserable, I know because they tell Facebook every Monday morning!


There are several things that help towards motivating people. There’s the obvious, money. There’s wanting to set a good example for your children and wanting to be able to support them. There’s self-satisfaction, knowing that everything you’re doing everyday has literally been created from top to bottom by yourself. Oh yeah, there’s food, we all need to eat and if you’re not motivated and let things slip, then you’ll be swapping steak and chips for beans on toast.

What motivates me you might be thinking and how do I motivate myself. Well, other than the fact I NEVER want to go back into normal employment, I have one thing that I keep telling myself and it’s working, or at least has been so far…

‘Know yourself, then trust yourself’ – @dadvworld

I’ve learned a tonne about myself since leaving my ‘normal’ job a few years ago. I’ve taken the time to sit back and think about what I do and how I do it. I’ve made a conscious effort to be more self-aware. By this, I mean I’ve looked at how I naturally find motivation and how/when I work best.


I’ve found that I can struggle for motivation for a good day or two, feeling very uninspired and out of ideas. This happens almost weekly! However, I then have days when my imagination runs wild and I can get through a weeks worth of work in a single day. I may have written only one blog post in an entire week or more, then I can have a day or two when I get about 3 or 4 written. Knowing this about myself helps massively during the dull days. I remind myself that yes, today I’m not quite at it however I just need to hang in there and the inspiration will come and it does!

That’s then about trusting myself. Because I know this happens I can then trust myself and not get too disheartened. What I have then taught myself to do on the unimaginative days, is to get on with some of the other task I need to do. Maybe make lists and notes, or schedule some tweets and organise my email inbox. It works pretty well for me because it’s almost like my mind now purposely goes blank for a few days to allow me to do the more mundane tasks that I need to do. Cheers mind 🙂

Do you struggle to motivate yourself? Has anyone else have similar phases and/or thoughts as I do… Or am I genuinely going mad?! Let me know in the comments… See you online @mrdavidshaul





  1. 6th April 2017 / 5:45 am

    I can occasionally struggle with motivation. It can be at the busiest times when there’s so much to do I feel overwhelmed. I fear the only thing to do is push on through.

    • DadvWorld
      6th April 2017 / 6:51 am

      Yes! Push on through is a good tactic, clearly works for you 🙂 Although it’s hard to believe the No.1 Dad Blogger ever struggles 😀

      Thanks for reading and commenting John, appreciate it.

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