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How Not To Spend A Fortune On Family Flights

How Not To Spend A Fortune On Family Flights

Want to make family holidays cheaper? Flights can often be the most expensive part of a vacation. Whilst you can get cheaper flights by booking holidays out of season, this can be difficult with kids as you may have to pay a fine to take them on holiday during term time. Fortunately, there are other ways to spend less on flights. Here just a few tricks to get family travelling by air for less.

Book early

Booking nine months to a year in advance can sometimes get you incredible promotions on flights. Some airlines may throw in free seats for children, whilst others may offer free upgrades to first class when you arrive at the airport.

Or book last minute…

The other ways of getting access to cheap flights is to book last minute. Airlines are often eager to fill up empty seats and so will offer massive discounts. Because few people can get up and go spontaneously, this is likely to be a less practical option. However, you may be able to still book two weeks off work in advance and then book the actual holiday a couple weeks before. Sites like Holiday Pirates are known for their extremely cheap last minute deals.

Break up long haul flights

When it comes to travelling long distance, consider opting for multiple flights rather than one long direct flight. Given that kids can often get impatient on long haul flights, this can sometimes be a more sensible option. You could even plan to stop off for the night rather than hanging around in an airport en route – even with the cost of a hotel you’re likely to pay less overall. Some hotels are positioned directly near airports such as Courtyard Montreal Airport. Whilst this does mean adding extra time to your journey, stop off somewhere else could add to the adventure.

Be wary of budget airline extras

There are many budget airlines out there that can get you incredibly cheap deals. However, many of these airlines will make up costs with hidden extras. Some of these flights only allow you to take hand luggage – luggage in the hold is extra and is expensive. You may be asked if you want to pay extra to choose your seats, plus there may be fast-track boarding tickets that allow you to get on the plane before everyone else. You may also have to pay extra to store your pram. If you opt for these extras, make sure to add them up so that you can tell whether you’re getting a cheap deal or being ripped off.

Don’t park at the airport

The golden rule of flying is to not park in the airport. Airport carpark fees are often very expensive – whilst you can sometimes get deals to book in advance, you’re better off avoiding airport parking altogether. Apps like JustPark can help you to find cheap parking near to airports – you may be able to get a bus from these locations and save costs. Alternatively, you could consider getting someone to drop you off at the airport.

This post was sourced for DadvWorld.com I wanted to share this content as we’ve found it helpful in our quest to finally book a family holiday! I say finally book, we’re not there yet, but almost!



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