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How to Redecorate Your Man Cave

How to Redecorate Your Man Cave

The man cave is nothing short of a sacred space. The iconic room puts a stopper on reality at least for a while, an exquisite sanctuary that blocks out the dilemmas of other people. The dishes, any cleaning, your spouse, any of your screeching kids; none of it can get you in there. It’s a fabled fortress impervious to actual responsibilities, and its soothing effects are only bettered by some quality decoration.

Consequently, here’s how to redecorate your man cave!


Clear Out

You’re probably scoffing round about now, but still, the man cave doesn’t permit a sloppy lifestyle. Fight the stereotype of men being mess monsters, and illustrate the true power of your den. It’s the man cave, not the rat lair. More to the point, redecoration means you need stylish standards before anything else, so if you don’t have them you may as well give up now.

Having a good clear out will perfectly poise the room for some quality decoration. There’ll be space in which to work in, and none of your furniture will get stained or smeared from any accidents, such as dropping your paint tin or brush. Vacate the room of all its contents before you get to work to preserve their quality, or at least cover certain items in blankets to ward off any unfortunate spillages. Now you’re ready for work!


Bookcases and Shelves

Without question, your base should be a throne room to your unparalleled majesty. That said, it will lose a great deal of its elegance and nuance if you’re constantly tripping over books, DVDs and video games. You could end up breaking things, like your possessions or your bones should you fall. All your stuff needs allocated storage space, if only so you’re safe and the den looks co-ordinated and organised.

For example, Cox & Cox offer a great range of quality bookcases and shelf units, helping you organise all of your collections in a tidy yet sophisticated fashion. They’re not generic designs, but stylish addons for an owner that takes pride in their features and belongings. Such things are typical everyday items but with an added flare of decoration, unique designs in common objects.


Mini Fridge

When the need to unwind is at its strongest, leaving the man cave is by no means an option. Even retrieving snacks and goodies from the kitchen can rope you into a whole new world of responsibilities, as your married partner will always have a task to give you. Once the door to your man cave closes it needs to stay closed. But how will you survive?

The answer is easy; invest in a minifridge. Another kind of storage item, but a different kind. While your films and video games all have place to go, so too should your booze or soft drinks and chocolate bars. This small and portable object can keep all your goodies chilled and edible, and mean you’re constantly supplied with some refreshments. Place it in as a secret stash, and it’ll add some more depth to your manly rebellion.


This post was sourced for dadvworld.com and I love it. Many of you will know about my office space, well now I need a MAN CAVE! I’ll see what Donetta says…

Thanks for reading,

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