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Humans Are Failing As A Species | RANT

Humans Are Failing As A Species | RANT

Here’s a RANT I had over on the Facebook page… I pray our children can fix the absolute mess our generation and the one’s before us have contributed to.


Humans are failing as a species and it makes me feel sick.

‘Americans to eat 1.35 BILLION chicken wings over the Super Bowl weekend’

This isn’t a dig at Americans, it’s a dig at all people in the world that have the power and money.

How are we able to binge on 1.35 BILLION chicken wings over a weekend because there’s a big sporting event on, yet entire countries are dying of starvation.

Now, I’m not an activist or someone that runs around actively raising these issues, but if you read this and don’t feel like humans are failing, then I’d be shocked.

Listen, I’m no saint on a mission to save the world, I eat more than enough and often too much. However I’m not being paid hundreds of thousands and millions of pounds to run the show. It’s those at the top that should be sorting this.

I realise I’m massively lucky to have been born into a family and country where for the vast majority, running water, food and a roof over your head is available. I don’t begrudge you or I having a trip out to our favourite restaurants now and again because the life we’re accustomed to is hard in many ways also. Earning minimum wage, paying tax, gas and electric bills, they all make our lives difficult. That’s our reality.

The onus is on those at the top of the food chain. Governments and world leaders that make all the decisions and are paid more than enough to provide all the solutions.

Sure our lives need improving, my outgoings are far more than my income but fucking hell I eat every single day!

How is there such a vast difference of circumstances for one single species.

We have the bastards at the top who have all of the money and power and continue to gain more money and power year upon on year. We have people like you and I that are lucky enough to eat and have a bed every night, but are crippled enough to consider suicide because those bastards mentioned before use their power to take more of our money. Then there’s those in the third world countries that can’t get clean water or a meal let alone a fucking bed!

And what’s this THIRD world all about? Is it because there’s the three sections I’ve just mentioned, the bastards, the stressed and the hungry?

Surely there’s only ONE world and somehow we’re managing to fuck it up completely.

Only the human species could invent something that then became more important than the actual species and that will ultimately destroy us… Money.

Listen I don’t know any answers, I have some food in the cupboard, shit I even have the internet, I consider myself lucky, I am lucky, but surely I should be the norm. There shouldn’t be anyone worse or better, not to the extent of what there is at the minute. Some have more money than they could ever spend, some drink water from a river they also piss and shit in.

And humans are the most intelligent species… Piss off.


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  1. 6th February 2018 / 10:45 pm

    I don’t know how to do the clap hands emoji but I clap my hands to this post. We’re a fucking disgrace of a species.

    • DadvWorld
      7th February 2018 / 1:54 pm

      I should have just wrote that, no explanation just exactly what you’ve said! HAHA!

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