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I Met The Mayor of York! | Travelodge

I Met The Mayor of York! | Travelodge

That’s right, I was hanging out with the VIP’s at a Travelodge hotel opening event.

The press were there, the local MP was there, loads of dapper looking men and lovely dressed ladies were there AND the Mayor herself was in attendance for the opening of the Travelodge York Central Layerthorpe.

And I turned up looking like this…

Not to worry, in all honesty if you know me I’d have turned up wearing what I feel comfortable in regardless. My last office job where I was forced to wear a shirt and strangle myself with a tie has scarred me for life!

Anyway, you can have a watch of my Instagram Story for more about the VIP event >>>

What I’m going to do in this post is tell you the nitty gritty details of the hotel and exactly what we thought. OK that’s a slight exaggeration, there’s no nitty gritty to discuss, the place is brand spanking new, it was glorious!

What I’ll do, is tell you what I think about and look for when staying at a hotel, then give you the low down on the Travelodge York Layerthorpe.


We used Sat Nav to find the hotel and it was a piece of cake. The actual location of the hotel is great, only a mile from York centre and 2 miles from York Racecourse. I’ll be passing on these details to my pals who regularly hit the races.


This is a big one, even if you’re staying for only one night. Parking in City Centres or anywhere in fact is getting more ridiculously priced every time I go anywhere. So the fact this hotel has FREE on site parking is a massive plus! It is limited and on a first come first served basis, but we left and came back a couple of times and found a space easily enough. If you’re not so lucky there is a close-by car park that is actually reasonably priced, details on the Travelodge website.

The Building

So this was always going to be a winner, the place is brand new. So straight away from the outside it looks great, there’s even a Costa Coffee attached to the building which got me excited in the vlog >ย YouTube VIDEO ๐Ÿ™‚ย no idea why, I don’t even drink coffee! You walk in and the reception area, food area etc are flawless. The place looks exactly how you’d expect a modern fresh hotel to look.

Our Room

Again, the room was a winner. It looked untouched, like no-one had stepped foot in it before. Long length mirror, important for the wife (OK, OK and me, so what!) a nice little desk, definitely for me and have a look at this photo below.

Now I’m going to say this is a modern space saving and customer friendly version of a wardrobe. It allowed for a second single bed to fit nicely against the wall underneath and when we were leaving it took only a quick glance to know we had all of our clothing that had been hung up. We’ve forgotten to double check wardrobes in the past and left clothes! So I actually like this idea, is that the official reasoning behind this thing, who knows but we made it work for us.

My favourite bit of hotels rooms… The Shower.

I love hotel showers. When they’re a good one of course, steaming hot so you semi-scold yourself and when they hit you like Mike Tyson! Hot, powerful showers are the best! This one did not disappoint, it was amazing. The entire bathroom was nice, well, it had somewhere to pee, somewhere to brush your teeth and a shower… What more do you want?!

Moving onto the beds, oh the beds. Well we utilised the double bed firstly to film two videos we needed to get done, it was useful for that and the head rest with built in LED’s make an excellent backdrop.

USB ports in the headboards were a welcome upgrade to the Travelodge rooms too. The best compliment I can give the Travelodge beds, are that it was the first time in as long as I remember that I didn’t wake up with an aching back! I’m not even just saying this for review purposes either, it was amazing!

I can’t miss out the Air Cooling Unit. Samsung too, bet that cost a few quid. It made our stay all that more comfortable. We could cool down the room in the day when it was warm and warm it up a touch at night when the temperature outside dropped. I know it’s August but I’m not paying the bill! Extra touches like this really set this hotel apart from others I’ve stayed in recently.


All you can eat breakfast. The End.

Alright I’ll elaborate. The breakfast was standard. Full english type stuff, fruit, toast, drinks and cereals. There was plenty to choose from and with Corben’s nut allergy it was great that they had proper cereals on offer that we could check were OK. We had our fill for sure.

Let’s be honest, as soon as I heard ‘All you can eat breakfast’ this review was always going to be glowing ๐Ÿ™‚

Other Stuff

Other stuff worth mentioning, WiFi is free for 30 mins per 24 hours. But, if you’re like us and NEED WiFi 24/7 then you can pay ยฃ3 for 24 hours, you can only connect x2 devices though. We ended up paying ยฃ6 so we could get x4 devices connected.

Check out 12pm as standard! This was huge for us, we’re usually rushing like mad to be ready and out for 10am, then throw in breakfast too we’ve no chance. Those extra couple of hours made all the difference, we didn’t feel rushed at all. We got ready, went down for breakfast, back up, made sure we had everything and even got a few work emails done before we finally left.

Every staff member we interacted with were very pleasant and helpful, that’s always a good thing because that should be something that comes as standard with ALL hotels.


Erm, what else do you want to know? I think I’ve covered everything…

We will definitely be staying here again, we love York and do visit often, this hotel will be our hotel of choice when possible for sure.

Let me know what you look for when visiting a hotel… See you online @dadvworld







  1. 11th August 2017 / 10:50 pm

    I do love that selfie with the mayor! Makes me smile every time I see it! ๐Ÿ˜€ This Travelodge looks great! Always love a good all you can eat style breakfast. The wi-fi wasn’t bad for that price either. Best bit though is the free parking!!

    • DadvWorld
      12th August 2017 / 7:49 am

      She was lovely Bec. Really nice lady. It was very nice. Yeah free parking was great, I imagine Saturdays might be busier but if you get there early shouldn’t be a problem. Definitely recommend this place 100% ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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