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I Should Be A Fashion Blogger | Esprit #ad

I Should Be A Fashion Blogger | Esprit #ad

I remember not long after starting my blog, a menswear brand reaching out to me asking if I’d like to check out some of their clothing. I immediately fell in love with the fashion side of a dad blog.

Yeah that’s right, there can be a fashion side to blogging about being a dad. I’ve always liked fashion, I’ve not always had the money to match my interest but nevertheless I’ve always enjoyed it.

Since that first bit of work I did on men/dads fashion I’ve done several bits now and loved it every time. There’s a bit of a running joke over on @MrDavidShaul Instagram about me playing model. Its all a bit of fun. In all seriousness though I think it’s important to use a section of this platform I’ve built to let other dads know, that just because we’re dads now doesn’t mean we can’t look good.

In my constant search for new clothing I’ve spoken with several brands about collaborating. Esprit being the latest. Esprit have some seriously sleek stuff and not only for men. They cater for women and kids too.

I’ll tell you what I came across when looking through their site and this isn’t some sort of spoiler either… Their maternity clothing. Hey listen, we’re collaborating, I was searching, I came across this bit as you do, Donetta isn’t pregnant! 😮

Seriously though, I saw it in the drop down menu and there’s some really nice stuff, I remember Donetta finding it a struggle back when Corben was in her belly to find stylish maternity clothes. Well played Esprit.

Back onto the men’s stuff and it’s my birthday next month and I have a bit of a thing for hoodies and jackets – Hint hint Donetta! It’s a tough choice but I’ve narrowed it down to two products I’ve got my eye on from Esprit.

This first one is like an in-between jacket, you know when it’s not freezing but still cool enough you need a jacket. It also looks awesome and I’ve not had a leather jacket before!

2-in-1 Faux Leather Biker Jacket

esprit dadvworld

The second would be to replace my big coat, another running joke with a few people. Yeah, I’ve had my winter big coat longer than I’ve had Donetta! HA! Seriously it’s almost 10 years, it’s about time I replaced it and with snow still falling on the 18th March it’ll still be required for a good few weeks yet.

Have a butchers at this Rain Parker with Hood

esprit dadvworld

I like the longer length designs, always look good.

If the weather is to turn though and start warming up, there’s loads of other gear I wouldn’t mind adding to my wardrobe and that would be me sorted.

I shouldn’t have gone clicking around the website, it’s going to cost me. If you’re trying to save money don’t click on the kids footwear section! Oh and as I’m writing this post I’m flicking to and from the Esprit website and they’re only doing kids bedroom products as well! Wallpapers, borders and curtains with some awesome designs on them. You may see some of their stuff when we get around to Corben’s bedroom design.

I’ll get this post published and send the wife the link directly, see if she takes the hint…





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