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I vs We

So, I used to be just an ‘I’, an individual, singular, basically responsible for myself only. Then came along the ‘We’, which consists of a Wife, Two Daughters and a Son.


The world has been a professional at throwing in surprise curve balls throughout my 29 years of existence, only now the never-ending unexpected kicks to groin area are multiplied 5-fold. Before when the car smoked, spluttered and refused to move, I just jumped on the bus to work and inwardly sobbed at the thought of how the mechanic would be sure to have my pants down over the cost to fix the car. Before when the bank decided, ‘Hey you can pay that £100 bill despite having only £30 in your account and no overdraft, we will just make your £30 vanish for a couple of days before making it re-appear when we decide you actually can’t pay that bill AND we will only charge you a small fee for this of £20’, I would just shrug at the hole in the wall and see if Mum was going to lend me £30 to go to the pub and forget that £100 will indeed need paying at some stage. Before, when the alarm didn’t go off and the car was broke and the bank was empty and I only had 40p on the bed-side table, I owed Mum £30, the bank £20 plus an overdue bill of £100, I’d sob, shrug and stay in bed!Broken-cartoon-car

Now, when the car decides it’s having a day off, the Wife has to jump on the bus to work, I have to jump on the bus and make my way to Two different schools to drop the girls off all with our 3-year-old in tow! Now, when the bank decides we’re paying that bill despite a lack of funds, £30 from Mum (Now Nanna) isn’t going to cut it, nappies, baby wipes, dinner money, bus fares, the list is endless. Now, when the alarm doesn’t go off, the car’s broken, that chuffin bill needs paying, the wallet has moths flying out of it, the wife’s in a mood because she’s late for work, the kids are venting their frustration because there’s no way they’re making school on time and it’s embarrassing walking in late in front of everyone AND our 3-year-old is running around without his nappy on with the last baby wipe in his mouth pretending he’s some character he’s seen on YouTube! Now, I still sob and shrug, but whilst making detailed military style plans involving bus time-tables, online banking to juggle direct debits around and multi-tasking skills no average man could dream of possessing!


Before or Now, I or We…. There’s simply no contest! Now and We are winners by some distance and that’s because now I’m a Dad, I’m a husband, I’m taking on the World and I reckon I’m winning!

I’ve created DadvWorld so you can follow my journey on battling all the aspects of life and the world. Some posts will be funny (Hopefully), some will be serious and some will be absolutely pointless, just a fragment from my life as a Dad. I reckon that’ll do it for my first entry. I’ll be around pretty much 24/7 on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and I’m even going to give this Snapchat Stories a go, why not, if all else fails at least us 5 can look back at all this to show how I wasted all my time away from actual work!!!

David – DadvWorld







  1. dadvworld
    26th February 2016 / 10:53 am

    A few problems with comments! Couldn’t all run smoothly could it?!

  2. 26th February 2016 / 12:22 pm

    Had to click on your comment to get the comments box to come up! Have a play around and I’m sure it will all get sorted. Anyway, good luck with the blog. Its nice to see a Dad blogging for a change. Its a different perspective and everything you say sounds depressingly familiar. Its the best thing in the world being a parent…but does feel like you’re haemorrhaging money!

    • dadvworld
      26th February 2016 / 12:59 pm

      Thanks for persevering and for your kind words! I’ve been trying to fix it this morning inbetween playing shopkeepers and trying out pre-heating the oven…. Who knew putting it on full wasn’t the quickest way?! 🙂

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