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I Want One, Or Five! | Skate Hut

I Want One, Or Five! | Skate Hut

I see loads of the famous YouTubers skating around on all their fancy cool skateboards and I’m jealous!

I really want a skateboard, they just look cool as well as being pretty useful. But mostly because they look cool.

After already bringing you a load of gift ideas and inspiration, I’m pushing the boat out even further… Teaming up with Skate Hut I want to live my long lost dream of skateboarding around through YOU!

skate hut dadvworld

You see, after two football injuries my days of testing out skateboards and pretending to be Casey Neistat are long gone. For you or your kid though, it’s game on and Skate Hut have you covered for all your skating needs!

From Kids/Beginners boards, cruisers, custom boards and skateboard bundles to balance boards, shock pads and bags! They have it all.

Skateboards are really popular at the moment, they seem to be everywhere. I saw at least a handful of kids show up to school on them last week and they’re increasingly popular amongst the cool kids and adults on YouTube. They’re cool, useful, get you active AND they’re for EVERYONE!

Between you and me, I’ve bookmarked the ‘Electric Skateboard’ section… Surely that’s the answer to my over 30 dad of three, wannabe YouTuber skateboarding dream?!

skate hut dadvworld

If you’re a beginner, a casual novice or even a pro, check out Skate Hut to get kitted out with all you’ll need to get started or keep going. DVD’s, stickers, grind rails, ramps the lot.

If anyone reading this has any video footage of you falling off a skateboard I’d like to see it… @dadvworld



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