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Interview With The Wife :/

Interview With The Wife :/

I opened up my laptop, looked at the screen and thought, right, what shall I discuss next? I know, I’ll go get my notebook where I have a list of weird and wonderful ideas. But I’ve only just managed to sit down and my notebook is like, all the over there on my desk (Roughly 8 yards away).

DING! Lightbulb moment. What a great idea, I’ll interview the Wife! So we have 3 kids, 2 girls 12 and 10. And the boy is 3. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know the family dynamics by now. My wife is called Donetta, @donetta6 on Twitter, not that she uses it she’s more of an Instagrammer… Is that the word? She’s been my best mate for 4 and a half years, a decent wife for just under a year and a mother for 12 years!


Right, let’s see how it went. . .

1. If you could change careers tomorrow, what would you do and why?

Work with elephants in some way, save them from the poachers. Rip their teeth out to make things from them, see how they like it. Why because I love them!!

2. If each of the kids were animals, who’d be what and why?

Corben – A monkey just because that’s what he is.
Kiera – A duck because she’s always doing duck face selfies.
Abigail – A fish because she has a 2 second memory.

3. If you could choose a career for each of the kids, what would they be?

As long as they are happy in what they do I am, I couldn’t even choose .

4. If we packed up our bags and went to live somewhere else in the world, where would we go?

I’ve not been to many places in the world so I don’t know if I’d settle but America sounds like a good choice, a big city maybe New York or Las Vegas if that failed good old London would be fab!

5. Having had Kiera and Abi 12 and 10 years ago, how has parenting changed now with Corben being 3 almost a decade after the girls?

The main changes are technology. Corben now has a tablet and access to the computer to play games, watch YouTube and generally help him learn. The girls had those V-Tech type computers but nothing like technology is today. Other than that nothing much has changed, they still needed feeding and clothing everyday!

6. If we could have a nanny in to cover one or more of the parenting jobs we have, firstly would you and if so which jobs would you delegate to them?

None!! But a cleaner sounds good.


7. If you were a character from any of the shows Corben watches which would you be?

I’d be the Crack (Venom) Corbs favourite. (We still have no idea why he names him The Crack)


8. What are the differences you’ve come across parenting the boy compared to the girls?

The boy is a typical boy, they play more rough n tumble pretending to be superheroes etc where as the girls, it was all dolls and being princesses. The boy seems to be able to occupy himself more.

9. Which kid is your favourite? Haha, just kidding!

Which ever one is being good ๐Ÿ˜œ



  1. 20th March 2016 / 8:01 pm

    Really enjoyed this. Great post!

    • dadvworld
      20th March 2016 / 8:05 pm

      Thank you!! In the not too distant future the wife will be interviewing me!! :/ Haha!

  2. 31st March 2016 / 7:42 pm

    Awww lovely post and great idea! Your wife sounds like a beautiful person… on the inside from what I’ve read but I’m sure she’s beautiful on the outside too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oliver โ€ข http://suedeandsymphony.com

    • dadvworld
      31st March 2016 / 8:00 pm

      Yeah she’s not bad lol ;p Thank You!!

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