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The Irish Fairy Door Company GIVEAWAY!

The Irish Fairy Door Company GIVEAWAY!

A shout-out to The Irish Fairy Door Company for sending us a Paint Your Own fairy door. 

As our regular readers will know, we Home Educate and that allows for a lot of creativity to happen at our gaff. Painting, sticking, drawing and generally finding new ways to make a ‘creative mess’ of the learning room!

So Corben’s project this week was to paint his very own fairy door so that we could sub-let our house to some fairies. I hope our landlord doesn’t read my blog! The Irish Fairy Door Company do have ready-made doors available in all sorts of colours, but being the creative types we decided to go for our own original style and do it ourselves.

We opened the box up and was presented with the unpainted door, some pens and some paints. Naturally Corb got straight into it, getting more colour on the table than the door. Painting was in full swing, choosing which colour went where and lathering it on was very enjoyable and Corben loved it. There were also accessories to stick on too, a couple of flowers and bits and bobs.

Although all this creating was very fun, the best part was yet to come…

These fairy doors aren’t only for the purpose of painting and decorating, they’re actually for ‘real’ fairies! Let me explain…

So now you have your new fairy door, all decorated and exactly how you want it. You now have to find a spot in your house to put the fairy door, usually a skirting board is the best place. Then you place the stepping stones included, neatly leading up to the door not forgetting the little magic bottle with the fairy key inside! I mean how else will the fairies gain access?!

We know all of this because the Fairy Welcome Guide tells us. Well, Kate the Queen of the fairies in all of the world did. She also head of The National Fairy Council in Fairy Valley too, incase you were wondering. Kate explains that there’s a lease agreement for both humans and fairies to sign that outlines the responsibilities of both parties. I considered getting our lawyer involved but after reading it through it all seemed straight forward. Once you’ve read through that you then need to head over to the website to register your fairy to gain access to updates you may need in the future. Oh, magical updates by the way, not normal updates!

So you’ve now painted your door, laid out the stepping stones, left out the magic bottled key, signed the agreement and have your very own fairy and fairy door registered online. Now you can extend this whole experience by doing things like writing a little letter to your fairy and leaving it at their door, they’ll write back, honest! Aslong as I, I mean THEY remember! You can make up and do all types of other things too, we may even use this as a way of bribing/convincing Corben to learn about certain subjects, the fairy world really is your oyster!

Corben really enjoyed not only the painting and creating aspect of his fairy door, but the playing and possibilities to make up fantastic stories afterwards too. The Irish Fairy Door really is something that you can keep going back to and continue enjoying.

Right, now an even cooler bit…

The people at The Irish Fairy Door Company have also decided to send us one of their award winning ‘The Fairy Force’ books AND ‘Fairy Toadstool Money Bank’ to give away! (Photo’s below!) I’ll be honest, this is a reluctant giveaway because the story and the money bank are awesome! I could easily make space on my desk to keep this toadstool money bank, not so easily fill it though 🙂

So… Click this link HERE, it’ll take you over to our pinned post on the Facebook Page. All you have to do is, Tag x2 friends in that post and then share it! That’s it!

On Saturday 22nd April I will randomly select a WINNER and send out (Reluctantly) your new Fairy Book and Toadstool Money Bank.

Good luck, see you online @dadvworld


**Only enter the giveaway if you’re within the UK**



  1. 9th April 2017 / 9:28 pm

    Looks good! We recently bought a solar fairy door light for the garden. My eldest loves checking to see if the fairy is home… she’s home if the lights are on!

    • DadvWorld
      9th April 2017 / 9:30 pm

      Ha ha! They love it don’t they, imaginations running wild. Good stuff!

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