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It’s Time to Put the DIY Tools Down and Let the Experts Do Their Job

It’s Time to Put the DIY Tools Down and Let the Experts Do Their Job

In the past, there were many expectations of dads to fill certain roles within the household. Those roles are slowly changing, but many dads still feel the need to have some kind of DIY skill or knowledge so that should something break in the house, they should have the tools and knowledge to be able to fix it.


Unfortunately, social roles change all the time and we’re reaching a point where dad’s just don’t find it to be practical to perform their own DIY. In this article, we’re going to break that stigma and give you a couple of reasons why it’s more important to hire professionals to renovate your home as opposed to doing your own projects.

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Homes are more advanced now and it requires specialized knowledge


It used to be easy to do things like switch out light bulbs, fix leaky faucets and even do some advanced plumbing work. All you needed was the right tools, materials and some knowledge. For a while, it was easy to just get that knowledge from a YouTube video or a project magazine, but nowadays, homes are becoming more advanced and the types of parts you need are becoming more specialized. Even something like a patio window could require bifold door systems that simply aren’t available from a local store and must be bought online, through a contractor or specifically ordered from the manufacturer themselves.


If you live in a modern home then there’s a good chance that your utilities no longer follow some kind of easy-to-follow standard where you can just replace the parts with off-the-shelf pieces. Instead, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer or look at marketplaces such as eBay to get the right parts. In addition, the introduction of smart home technology and difficult-to-repair devices means that manufacturers almost expect you to speak to them first so that they can get more money from you.


It’s expensive to get the right tools and materials


Let’s face it, although getting a cheap drill and a set of tools is inexpensive and easy, they’re not exactly very high quality meaning they could break or get weaker over time especially if you don’t use them on a regular basis. This essentially means that we’re not getting the most out of our tools and they end up becoming a waste of money.


Even the materials have to be bought in large quantities. They take up space in our homes, they might be useless after a couple of weeks (such as paint drying out) and we have to pay a premium because we’re not buying hundreds of stock from wholesalers. Contractors, on the other hand, have access to wholesale prices and a wealth of tools from their employer, meaning they can get a job done much more cheaply and this reflects in their pricing.


Final words


People are starting to realize that doing DIY repairs and renovations can be tricky, expensive and ultimately too time-consuming. Yes, replacing a light bulb or fixing a faucet is easy, but that’s because they’re not exactly difficult tasks. However, fixing an iPhone, adding a smart home system or repairing your brand new Tesla car is very difficult to do on your own and it’s safer and cheaper to just contact a professional.

*This post was sourced for dadvworld.com

PS. I’m absolutely useless at DIY!



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