I’ll be the first to admit that I have poked fun at others and wondered how you can be so daft to make such a mistake, now I’ve done it!

What an idiot I am. My mind was away with the fairies, I was thinking about our davidanddonetta.co.uk web design, which shop we were about to go to for a new PlayStation game and reading a sign post. Yeah, all at the same time, my mind is 100mph and never sleeps!

So I’m in auto pilot, I pick up the nozzle… You know what’s coming don’t you. I reach £20.00 and put back the nozzle, the GREEN nozzle, the UNLEADED nozzle. It’s at this exact moment I come round from my auto-pilot daze and think SHIIIT!

Yep, we now have a DIESEL. The only defence other than being in my own world at the time, is that I’ve been driving 9 years and have always had petrol, never a diesel. It’s hardly an excuse though, I’m at the petrol station every other day as we cover ridiculous amounts of miles since moving into the middle of nowhere. Even after realising I was so much in auto-mode that I’m still not 100% sure I’ve done it! I mean, I have I’m just clutching at straws in disbelief.

I drove it across the road into the Asda car park and immediately got on Google. I read that in the UK they reckon someone makes this mistake every 3 minutes! Made me feel a little better, I guess. Turns out a diesel engine could cope with approx 5% of the tank unleaded aslong as you fill the rest straight away with diesel. Don’t take my word for it if you’re sat in your car now after making the same mistake, but this is what we read and I found it interesting. It’s worse to put unleaded in a diesel engine as opposed to the other way around, obviously as this was my situation. Unfortunately we’d put in £20’s worth which is way more than 5%.

dadvworld uk dad blogger

First point of call in crisis situations is Dad. Dad came with bits and bobs in the boot of his car to try and manufacture some device that saw us sucking on a bit of cut hose pipe and getting nothing from it but headache. We saw a YouTube video and recall my uncle some 40 years ago doing it and it worked. After further investigation it seems you can’t do this on newer cars so we basically just inhaled some petrol for a laugh. There’s nothing funny about it I can report.

We finally gave in and I made the dreaded call. Embarrassment mixed with the fear of the cost I was about to be quoted to fix this made it an awful call to make.

I called Wrong Fuel Technician and they were brilliant. They came from Manchester but luckily covered all the way to where I was too. Just over an hour and they arrived. Top notch service and had me up and running again in no time. They explained the process and what needed to be done and why and they included £10 of diesel too, all for £150. It’s £150 I could have done without losing but the thought of causing further damage and potentially being left car-less AGAIN wasn’t worth thinking about.

I can’t imagine I’ll ever do this again, I will be double and treble checking every time from now on!

By the time it was all done we didn’t manage to get to the game shop so that was another kick in the balls but we’ve been today and got a new WWE wrestling game so that’s softened the blow a bit for Corben having to wait around in yet another car park for another length of time! It seems like most of our life is spent waiting around in the car!

So there you go, my little story about how I dropped a massive bollock. I welcome any similar stories in the comments along with any piss-taking… No holds barred.

Here’s the video of how it went down…







  1. 29th April 2018 / 3:40 pm

    I have been there before, many years ago though I put wrong petrol in the car, I was on my own went into pay and asked what I should do, a very kind man told me to keep car topped up with correct fuel and keep topping it up and it should be ok. Luckily it was but my god did it smoke for a while. Even now years on I always double check before I start putting petrol in my car

  2. 29th April 2018 / 9:18 pm

    Oh you bloody idiot!! (And that’s the toned down version of what I actually said!)….

    … I’ve never done it but I can imagine it’s actually really easy to do. My Taid did it once but my Dad managed to flush it out. It was back in the days before they made tanks theft proof.

    At least you got it sorted and you didn’t destroy the car eh?!

  3. 30th April 2018 / 7:49 am

    Haha there is a youtube video for everything these days! Shame it didn’t work!
    Glad you sorted it!

    Katie xx

  4. 12th July 2018 / 1:05 pm

    Been there, done that. We’d not long bought (read: paid nothing) my Dad’s Peugeot from him and I had to nip home during our daughter’s christening. I was running on fumes so rolled into the garage. At about the £5 mark, I realised I was putting unleaded in and not diesel. Damn it. I stopped immediately and entered panic mode. I asked in the kiosk where I paid if they had a syphon but the guy just looked at me as though I just asked for caviar! So I drove it home (2 mins away) and called on our neighbour. Dave was brilliant. I lent me his car so I could get back to the christening and he dealt with my car. He syphoned it and put in some diesel. That guy will always be a legend to me!

    • DadvWorld
      12th July 2018 / 9:04 pm

      It must be a Dave thing. Me, you and him… I see a pattern. It was horrible parting with a massive chunk of money I really didn’t want to be losing. I’m more focused at the petrol station now though at least lol.

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