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MacBook accessories, you know me I’m always on the look out for new cool kit available in the tech world.

STM Goods got in touch and decided to send me over a MacBook Deluxe Laptop Sleeve from their Grace range. They do loads of different colours but we went with the Coral Dove, as per Donetta’s request.

It’s like a thin handbag so perfect for the days when Donetta needs to carry the laptop only and can leave our huge tech bag at home.

Plus, it matched one of her outfits which made a great photo shoot 🙂

You’ll see from the photo’s these laptop sleeves are cool, they’re designed well and generally really useful.

What I like most is everything else the STM Goods brand offers. Their website has a tonne of awesome gear for all MacBooks, laptops and other pieces of tech I know the Bloggers and Vloggers that read my stuff will love!

I can vouch for the product itself, it’s very good quality and we use it often. But you lot also know I’m a stickler for things just looking COOL and STM have loads of stuff that is very cool!


Let me know what you think to the STM products and as always, I want to hear about any tech stuff you like… Get in touch in the comments and online @dadvworld


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