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WOW. Just WOW.

Why haven’t I been doing this for ages? Invitations have finally been brought into the 21st century.

For the last, well forever, we’ve been buying or making our own invitations for the girls to take into school, pass around to their friends and NEVER SEE AGAIN!

It happens almost every year. Abi will lose one or two before they even reach the recipient, some of the kids will ‘lose’ them in their school bags for 3 years or the parents will forget to send that golden text ‘XYZ would love to come, thank you’ making party preparations difficult.

Mini-Epic have created for me, not one but two genius ideas that within 48 hours of our invites going out have made things so much easier! The first being the actual invites, VIDEO INVITATIONS they’re soo cool! The second being the aftermath of managing the who’s coming and who’s not all in one place!

Right, I could spend another 5 minutes boggling your eyes with a written how-to guide, but I thought how about I just show you how it’s done…




There you have it! Well, if you’ve watched the video that is.

Using Mini-Epic is simple, affordable and excellent value for money and that’s even before you take into account the discount code I’ve given you!

Log in, choose a template, bang in a few party details, whack in your guests email addresses and BOOM! Job done. Then sit back and watch the green ticks roll in, informing you of everyone thats coming.

Kids parties or even adult parties can be stressful enough during preparations, so don’t add to the stress looking for and creating bog standard time consuming invites… Visit mini-epic.com 🙂

I’d love to know which invite template is your favourite, let me know on Insta Stories – @dadvworld


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