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New House Revamp | BATHROOM

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No toilet for 2 days!

It’s true, but let’s not get into the details of how we managed during this period, let’s just put a line through that experience.

If you’ve been following us on Instagram Stories mainly, then you’ll be sick to the back teeth of hearing about our house move. I’m sorry but you will continue following us so don’t complain! Well we’ve decided to bang on about it a little more but hopefully in a more interesting format.

There’s several rooms in the house that we want to either freshen up or completely re-design. We’re going to create a new post for each room we tackle. In each post we’re going to show you the before and after photo’s and let you know about any cool products we use.

Thank you to our amazing landlady the bathroom was hit first and completely gutted from top to bottom. Before it looked very old fashioned and very much in need of some TLC, here’s how it looked…



As you can see, very dated.

So in came the man to sort it out for us and made it look like this…

Already much better… ๐Ÿ™‚

We didn’t choose the design and products for the bulk of the suite and fittings, but couldn’t be happier with the fresh look that followed. It’s just as we’d have chosen ourselves. We like clean, fresh and simple, so black and white is perfect. Tiles we’re slung up, bath, sink and FINALLY the toilet were plumbed in and a shower fitted to finish off. Here’s some ‘in the process pics’…

As things were progressing we decided to have a think about what other bits we could get fitted in. The man played a blinder when he brought in this light fitting from B&Q.


We added our shower curtain pole, chrome with black curtain and to finish off, for now at least, Lumino Mirrors sent us out this beauty!

Luminoย – Cadenza LED Battery Mirror

We love it! This wall was bare and the mirror has literally lit it up. The mirror is battery powered too which is great. It means there were just 4 holes to drill, insert the screws and hang the mirror. Unhook it to replace the batteries and hook it back up when you’re done, easy! It matches our minimalist look whilst giving the illusion of extra space in what is a small bathroom.

We got our toothbrushes from next to the kitchen sink and here you have it… Missing a new set for soap and toothbrushes but it’s 99% there…

So, what do you reckon? Decent isn’t it. A huge improvement and we’re really happy with it.

The plan is to share similar types of posts for each room we tackle. We’re on the look out for tools, accessories and products that will help us a long and want to share them with you. Win, win, win really ๐Ÿ™‚

Make sure you watch out for the next part of this series of posts… DadvWorld HQ | The Office Revamp – I can’t wait for this one and I have loads of cool tech to share with you!

See you online… @dadvworld


Disclaimer* I think this is where I tell you, just incase it wasn’t clear enough, that Lumino Mirrors sent us the mirror to include in our Bathroom Revamp post. You know the deal by now don’t you ๐Ÿ™‚


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