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New House Revamp | Girls Bedroom Part One

New House Revamp | Girls Bedroom Part One

The place that’s out of bounds for parents!

At least at this tender stage of growing up. It’s not often we venture into either of the girls rooms, maybe to open possible escape routes (windows) or spray some odour deterrent grenades (air freshener) now and again, they’re a dangerous place. You’re never sure what creature is lurking in there, a stressed out school teen, a YouTube crazed fan, they’re all hanging around waiting to attack!

We’re planning a mission to infiltrate this area and have been sent some products to aid us. We need to break down the enemy walls, enter their territory redesign it and get out as fast as we can.

Stage ONE

Stage ONE of our mission is to subtly insert hidden items in the hope they’re not found and ejected (‘I’m not having that in my room’) Stage TWO of the mission will be coming soon (When we can afford wallpaper/paint) but for now, here’s the items we’re testing first…

Room To Grow – Little Bianca Duvet Set

How nice is this. Abi is going for a light coloured theme in her room and loves animals so this definitely fits the bill.

Ollie & Leila – Daisy Floral Quilted Cushion

Again sticking to the light coloured theme and animal/outdoors type of feel, this cushion is perfect. Abi wants her room to look a little more grown up once it’s had a makeover so this will suit the style. The quality of this cushion I must add is high end!

Ollie & Leila – Clock

This is where the mission hits a sticky stage. An alarm clock. Yes it looks gorgeous, yet it suits the theme, however, it’s purpose is to disturb the 17 hour sleep pattern Abi has so could prove tricky.

MiffyMiffy String Fairy Lights

These will be a win for sure. Abi has been mentioning fairy lights for her bedroom for ages! When we drop these into the equation I’m sure we will leave enemy territory as heroes!

There you are, that’s our arsenal for Stage ONE – Wish us luck!

Are you revamping any rooms in your house, let us know how you’re getting on… See you online @dadvworld



  1. 20th July 2017 / 9:49 pm

    Ooooo good luck!! I absolutely LOVE the Miffy fairy lights!!

    • DadvWorld
      21st July 2017 / 7:17 am

      They’re pretty cool aren’t they. I think they’re getting put in a glass jar to make them look extra cool 😎

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