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New House Revamp | Just Splash White EVERYWHERE!

New House Revamp | Just Splash White EVERYWHERE!

It’s been decided.

After testing out the Duck Egg theme in the kitchen and moving the office around 94 times, we’ve finally decided on a new plan.

White, white EVERYWHERE!

Because we can only make subtle changes sporadically, we’ve decided the easiest thing with the biggest impact on the house would be to paint the lot white and take it from there. With filming a lot at home and the few themes for different rooms we have in mind, white makes the most sense. Also everything goes with white, so if we get all the rooms coated with that first, we can then add a splash of colour to each room later on to start building a theme.

At least this is our thinking anyway.

Downstairs shouldn’t be too much hassle (I’m going to regret saying this aren’t I) splash it on everywhere then move upstairs. This is where the biggest changes will come. We’re looking to kit out our room which is probably the biggest, with a theme ready for Corben to take over that room in the next few months. With this in mind we’re already planning what comes after the white. We’ve got quite a few bits and pieces, typical kid’s bedroom type stuff that will start to build a nice looking kids room and also be practical as Corben learns at home too.

I think one of the most important things for bedrooms in particular when building a theme, is what goes in the windows. Now our preference for Corben’s room are blinds. Luckily for us we’ve been contacted by Velux Blinds Direct who offer some awesome blind designs and we’ve taken some inspiration from their Disney and Velux Dream Collection.

disney velux

They’ve got different levels of transparency, we’d go for blackout No.5 for Corben, he loves it dark at bedtime. There’s several cool design, I reckon the planes is our favourite, they say they’re easy to install and come fitted for your window, so all sounds good to me.

We’ve still not got a blind for our huge kitchen window, so we’ll have to sort that out sooner rather than later too. probably won’t go for a Disney theme in the kitchen, doesn’t seem the grown-up thing to do 🙂

So, hopefully we will get the whole house covered in white (Brave I know) get some nice themed gear ordered and have a considerable update for you in the next New House Revamp series of posts.

We’ll definitely be vlogging any decorating and/or installations in progress, it makes for funny content as I’m useless at it! Keep an eye out on the YouTube Channel for that.

Click the link above and let us know which design is your favourite in the comments… See you online @dadvworld



Velux Blinds Direct have sponsored this post via either payment or product exchange. As you lot know this doesn’t effect my view and/or opinions from being 100% honest and my own.


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