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New House Revamp | OFFICE Part One

New House Revamp | OFFICE Part One

As you’ll all be aware by now, we moved house. Yes, that means I’ve had to leave that awesome office space behind. Not to worry though, that means I can design a new one! 

In the new gaff we have 2 rooms downstairs. One being the living room and the other what you would traditionally call a dining room. Who dines in a separate room nowadays, how do you see the TV? I claimed it immediately as Corben’s learning room *cough* my office. (He always takes his toys into the living room so it’s basically just my office)

The desk is in it’s second position, the first didn’t allow for the tiny dining table I’m told is a must. Now the desk is settled, all I have to do is decide exactly what will go on it. That will be in Part TWO, where I show you all the tech options I have. There’s only so much space on the desk though!

Being self employed, having a family of 5 and living in a country where people love to post shit through your door EVERYDAY, I need somewhere to ‘file’ papers. I say file loosely. What I mean is, somewhere to sling it before it becomes urgent and then I know roughly where to find it.

That’s where Office Monster came in. They said kindly that they’d like to sort me out, I said make sure it’s black and BOOM! Sorted.

So at this point, we’ve still only been moved in a month. We moved from a much bigger house meaning it’s taking quite some time to settle on where things can go and what things need to go full stop. I’m in the process of re-arranging underneath the desk so I can fit in the filing shelves and the printer only. As we speak there’s just a load of god knows what under there, including 3 TV’s!

So this is just a short update of where we are with the office at the moment. The tech options which include a GIVEAWAY will be LIVE on the blog this week, Part TWO. Then after that we may look at the decor in this room… Possibly Marvel wallpaper. PLEASE message Donetta on Instagram to tell her I can have Marvel Wallpaper in the office >>> @mumvworld

And if you want to sort out your office space, stay tuned to this series and check out Office Monster 🙂


See you online @dadvworld


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  1. 12th July 2017 / 10:36 pm

    Can’t wait to see the completed thing. Your previous hall come office was ace! Marvel wallpaper is a must! (Sorry Donetta)

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