Email received:

In this completely outrageous table-top game, the players are trying to steal Og’s loo rolls as he sits on his bog! Stand by for the most disgraceful farts and revolting grunts… but if the bog explodes your turn is over and you have to start all over again!

I was given a list of SIX games to choose from and the ONLY description I read was the above.

Who needs to read the others when there’s an option of ‘disgraceful farts and revolting grunts’? Not me, I was sold!

I replied ‘Yes, please!’ and there we were…

OG ON THE BOG had arrived! What a laugh this game is. Honestly, as soon as I read the description I knew Corben would LOVE it. So basically you spin this thing, press another thing and there’s some farting, grunting and exploding of the erm… Toilet Shack. (Some of you know other terms I’d usually use but this is a kids game)

I don’t want to get all technical on you, here’s a little vid of Donetta playing it with Corben.

We’ve all had a play and a laugh at this game, it’s a really easy going game for all the family to laugh along with.


Inject some game time into your families weekly schedule 🙂

See you online @dadvworld


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