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One Year Later, Goodbye!

One Year Later, Goodbye!

Almost 12 months ago, an entire year ago, DadvWorld was created. Our family dynamics had changed several times whilst trying to find the best balance for our family.

It turned out that it definitely worked better with me being based from home and Donetta going out to work. For me, staying at home definitely didn’t mean binging on Jeremy Kyle and Loose Women, it meant there was an opportunity to seek out a new career, a new skill and create a new path to benefit our family.

I found blogging. I, like many others had zero clue what a blogger was despite actually reading blogs almost daily. Almost all of the posts and articles that we read daily, clicking through from Facebook etc are actually blog posts! Who knew?! Having an opinion about almost everything, having an interest in tech and writing, a new path quickly began to form.

Could I be a blogger? Like, could I really create a website, an online identity, write stuff and people read it? Turns out YES, I could, I have and much to my surprise THEY DO! DadvWorld.com is visited daily from all sorts of places around the world. My social media following has continued to grow and grow and the interaction online to things I’ve written has blown my mind. Now yeah, sure, I’m nowhere near the top of the pile, but what I’ve classed as achievements in this first year have been incredible for me personally.


My website has been read 10s of thousands of times. I’m going to say that again to see if it sinks in. 10s of thousands of times, my website has been read…! I have over 6K people follow me across my social media accounts and this continually grows on a daily basis! On top of all this, I’ve met some incredible people and learnt so many things about parenting, the world, people and myself.

Blogging was really a trial thing for me in the beginning. Could I turn it into something that actually contributed financially to our family, I didn’t know but have tried and it now does. Not only this, I met Luke, my partner at Blended Parent Network and we’re aiming to achieve incredible things through uniting, supporting and bringing together ALL parents! blendedparentnetwork.com has then grown rapidly and we’ve added an extension in the form of Blended Parent Media, a more business like side of things where we create graphics and animations for other bloggers and brands. BPN for short, has quickly become serious and if I wasn’t sure that I could class DadvWorld as ‘Work’ I’m more than sure BPN is definitely now my WORK.


So what is this post about exactly? Well, it’s certainly not a chance to boast or show off, it’s simple me reminiscing the opening year to my attempt at becoming a Blogger. It’s also a post for me to close the door, or maybe leave the door ajar to DadvWorld.

DadvWorld has opened up the world of blogging, has given me an online identity within the blogging field and has certainly opened many other doors for myself and my family. However, because there are only 24 hours in a day, I’m making the decision to run through one of these other doors of opportunity and leave the door of DadvWorld ajar.

You aren’t getting rid of me though! @dadvworld on Twitter will still be at large! However, the exciting bit is now to come…


My hope is, that all of you will jump ship and follow me over to not ‘my’ new online adventure, but ‘ours’ as in me and my family! DADvWorld was purely about me, but since experiencing the opportunities and mainly fun that blogging and vlogging brings, our whole family now want in on the action.

So from now on you will find not only me, but all of us at Our Family Diaries! Of course I will still have my own section to write some crap down about Dad stuff but as a family we hope to provide fun, encouragement and information suitable for everyone!

We would genuinely appreciate your support by jumping across and giving us a follow on our new social media accounts. The website and YouTube channel are fresh so will build from the ground up VERY soon!

Thank YOU!!!

David (You’ll still find me on Twitter as usual, under @dadvworld)


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