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Operation ‘Night Out’

Operation ‘Night Out’

When did a night out with your mates become a military operation? When did we all grow up and have responsibility thrust on us meaning lads night became an annual holiday rather than a regular occurrence?

There’s 4 of us that have grown up together and been mates for as long as we can remember and we’ve adopted another along the way, who I worked with and we clicked, 4 became 5.

We all have our own ‘excuses’. Money, kids, work etc which makes it difficult to find a single day in which we’re all free. So months go by and the WhatsApp group we have between us is flowing with murmurs of a night out. Finally we all agree on a Saturday we can all break free from work commitments, family responsibility and/or get permission from the wags! Now the dates set after several months of organisation all we have to do is decide where we are actually going. 4 of us live within the same town and the other in the next town over so there’s not actually an ocean separating us like you’d think with how long it takes to finally get together. Usually clubbing in town isn’t really my thing anymore, we’re all 30+ now and would only spend the night either rolling our eyes at the dickish ways of today’s youth, or worse, join in showing the dickish youth we’re not over the hill followed by a taxi home at 930pm because we can’t in fact dance like that anymore, my knees used to go 10 years ago! Food? I don’t know, we have one night of freedom and we can’t be sure when it’ll happen again, do we want to spend it eating? We’re all well fed anyway looking at us.


There’s a small village with a few bars and decent atmosphere nearby called Bawtry. I think the last 5 nights out we’ve had over a 5 year period we’ve decided on Bawtry! Seems the fair choice again, it’s always a good laugh wherever we go really. Now we have the date set and the location. Where should we all meet so we can share the taxi costs and what time. This will probably take a few days to sort out. We all have the night off but that means inevitably we’ll be doing more in the day so ‘the better halves’ don’t get the hump and as a way of really repaying the night out ticket we’ve been given.

It’s not just you girls that sync your outfits πŸ™‚

It’s all sorted now and then I get a text that was quite new the last time or two we went out but now seems a thing. It read ‘What you wearing Saturday?’ So us guys do this now it seems. I felt a little out of sorts because I’d not even given it a seconds thought and the night out is now only 6 days away! I think I’ll have to buy a new top, meaning I’ll be WhatsApp-ing photos to the lads group chat of me with various tops on in a Primark changing cubicle. I’ll have to do it sharpish too so they have enough time to make their decisions.

Very much like this, clearly happy times!

Talking of WhatsApp groups, a few weeks back I used the wife’s phone to watch some videos because she had a dodgy free app I couldn’t get on my android, well messages started streaming in and that little drop down notification bar caught my attention with the first sentence of each message. A warning to all men out there, if you love your wife/girlfriend and get on well with her friends, do not under any circumstances EVER check their girly group messages. I accidently have been scarred by this and you can’t unread what’s been read.

Anyway, I reckon after months of planning and thousands of messages sent and received, other than a new top and a little modeling to do, we’re all set for a lads night out. Only 6 days to go, plans are obviously subject to change, there’s usually one that will drop out and I will post a pic on Instagram of what I end up wearing, I know you’re excited to know.

This will be us in Bawtry on Saturday – Click Here

Operation ‘Night Out’ T minus 6 days.



  1. 18th April 2016 / 10:12 am

    haha very funny post. It’s reminiscent of my fiance’s plans for a rare night out. I look forward to reading about the #morningafter!

    • DadvWorld
      18th April 2016 / 10:21 am

      The morning after nowadays is actually the days after lol πŸ™‚

  2. ravenswingthog
    18th May 2016 / 8:58 pm

    Hope you guys had a good night! I’m trying to organise a lads break to Dublin later in the year, my dad is having an operation and so taking him to Dublin afterwards as something for him to look forward to is the excuse for abandoning wife & kid for a few days πŸ™‚

    • DadvWorld
      18th May 2016 / 9:01 pm

      We had a top night out thanks. Dublin, i want to go Dublin at some point, my sisters been and said it was amazing! Hope you and your dad have a cracking time πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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