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Peppa Finally Earning Her Crust!

Peppa Finally Earning Her Crust!

I’ve been going on about this for ages now.

Peppa, our Pug, has more followers on Instagram than I do! I know, you just rolled your eyes at a dog having Instagram, I did at first too. Then I realised it’s 2017 we can do what we want!

I’ve said for a while that this online following and popularity that in particular Pugs have at the moment, should join the online family experience. Peppa has quietly been going about her #Pugstagram life and has found herself more followers than I have!

After joining forces, mainly so I can steal some of her followers whilst she gets an actual voice through me, she’s landed herself a review gig!

Pooch and Mutt have kindly sent Peppa some of their dog food to try!

We got the Health and Digestion food that contains a boat load of healthy stuff in it. I don’t like to get into all the nitty gritty of products listing all the stuff that’s in it as with this stuff we’d be here all day. However things like Probiotics and Prebiotics to promote the balance of good bacteria and Omega 3&6 to aid skin and coat sounds pretty good doesn’t it.

If you want a full run down of the ins and outs then click the earlier link once you’re done reading and have a butchers.

What does Peppa think?

Well Peppa seems to think she’s above mere dog-mortals and sticks her nose up (or whatever the Pug equivalent is for that as they don’t even have a nose) at food designed for her species! It’s like she’s saying, I’ve got an Instagram account, so don’t label me as any old dog, I’ll eat human food, dust, sand, plastic and anything else I can find… But not dog food.

I got her a new bowl, a new mat to use in the parlour, I mean living room! Then I opened up the Pooch and Mutt stuff, poured it in and not only did she entertain it, she ate it and dare I say she even liked it as this happened twice!

What do we actual speaking humans think?

It doesn’t smell as bad as most dog foods, it’s very reasonably priced and it’s full of healthy sounding stuff so it’s a winner! Also what I like about Pooch and Mutt in general is that on their website you can place an order for food to be delivered at set intervals. For example, if you know your dog goes through a bag a week, then set it to be delivered weekly and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting dog food at the shop like I used to!

So there you go, Pooch and Mutt… Dog food, treats etc are a GO from i_am_peppapug 🙂

Before you go Peppa has sorted you out THIS LINK to get yourself £5 OFF your first order.

PS. I’ve just checked Instagram and @dadvworld is currently ahead of @i_am_peppapug YES!



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