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Pressing Pause on Parenting

Pressing Pause on Parenting

No, you can’t just pause being a parent. The wife and I have just returned from a couple of nights away in Blackpool where we tried to pause our parenting instincts and let loose but just couldn’t. We had a great time make no mistake about that but the natural parenting instincts were very much present throughout our holiday decision making.

For example, we decided on our second night to hit the casino, we like a little sensible gambling. We beat the casino, came out around £40 up, not millions I know but we aren’t massive gamblers, only bet what you can afford to lose. Our first reaction after winning money was to spend it on getting the kids some souvenirs, typical seaside stuff.

Now, about the holiday. Blackpool, if you’re from up north is known as the place to go on hen nights and stag do’s. It’s very cheesy and people’s initial thoughts when you say you’re going to Blackpool are one’s of drunken states and men dressed as women by their so-called mates! However, we went as a married couple and saw the flip side of Blackpool and absolutely loved it. We stayed in a hotel that was bright pink on the outside, yet very old fashioned and catered I’d say for the older generation on the inside. Tiffany’s Hotel, Blackpool, it’s not the best hotel we’ve stayed in but did the job. A Jacuzzi bath was a nice touch. The dinner menu was to an acquired taste, I’m pretty plain though and the entertainment on an evening was very under-par but, all the good stuff is only a 10 minute walk away anyway.

Our first night we had tickets for Blood Brothers, seriously this show was unbelievable. The acting, the singing, the story-line, all amazing. I won’t go into detail and spoil it but if you ever get a chance to go see it then definitely go. The Winter Gardens Opera House was nice and we had really good seats, centre stalls near the front. The show finished late on and being the first day we’d been up early that morning and drove over 2 hours from home so now also being old at 30 I was pretty tired. We decided to go back to the hotel to catch the end of the entertainment, Elvis tribute. It was a mistake, some old guy murdering Elvis classics only made us cringe, drink our drinks as fast as we could and get off to bed!

Up nice and early on the second day, no time to waste when you’re childless and have no idea when the next opportunity for this will come around again, we set off for breakfast. Breakfast in the hotel was good, I mean it’s hard to get toast, bacon, egg and sausages wrong really isn’t it. We headed straight for the Blackpool Tower Dungeons. Again this attraction was fantastic! 10 rooms with 10 different live performers each telling a story from the ages. Talks of the plague and witches mixed with props and the lights going out too often for my liking all added to a great atmosphere. I inevitably got picked on and locked in a cage for one performance, it was all in good fun and it’s for kids too so not that scary. At the end there’s a ride if you choose to go on it, you’ll see what I thought of that in the pictures on this post.

With the rest of our day we did some shopping, for a man I don’t fit the typical stereotype, I love shopping! We went for more matching tattoo’s which are pretty damn cool, stopped for a drink, oh and went to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum, £6 each to get in, it was rubbish. A couple of OK things but in the main we walked around it in 20 minutes and I was pretty bored. We squeezed in some other bits and bobs, doughnut eating and some amusements obviously and then after dinner back at the hotel and a quick change we set off to the casino that evening. The Grosvenor Casino was great. We didn’t eat there but it has it’s own restaurant, live entertainment in the X-Factor format, people singing with some judges having a good laugh and then the gambling area which you’d expect to find in a casino. The drinks were normal prices too, we’ve been to casino’s before where you’re looking at nearly £9 for 2 drinks and if you’re from up north you know that shit just isn’t cool! But here it was £6 odd so all in all a great night out. I think if we went again we’d plan to eat, watch the entertainment then gamble a little and make a full night of it in the casino complex.

As I’ve mentioned things above I’ve added links to the websites and things for you to check them out. If you want to get away for a night or two somewhere different and to just get a night off nappies and bickering then I’d say Blackpool does a job. We really enjoyed it and will definitely keep it in mind for next time, it’s only 2 hours from us so not that bad.


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