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Primula Cheese!

Primula Cheese!

Cheese in a tube, that you squeeze out, like toothpaste! 

OK you regular readers all know I don’t like cheese. So no, this isn’t just a plug for a brand where I pretend to like something for the sake of it. Instead, I’m drafting in the rest of the Fam! All of whom love cheese!

Primula have sorted us out a treat here, sending us SIX of their flavoured cheese in a tube. Initially Donetta was dreaming up some weird and wonderful recipes that she could cook up using Primula. Then, mid house move and oven-less I found one of our girls raiding the kitchen for a snack and here’s what she came up with…


Crackers + Primula

Ryvita + Primula

Pepper + Breadsticks (To dip) + Primula

And since the photo was taken, Mini Ritz Crackers + Primula

It got me thinking, hang on a minute, this stuff is massively useful, easy to use and great for quick snacks. The kids haven’t stopped squeezing it out onto all sorts of stuff, so much so I had to go out and replace some of the tubes as I’d not taken photo’s for this post yet!

Abi said ‘Primula is really yummy and creamy and yummy and erm… Creamy’ – She loves it.

Corben thought it was funny when he watched me squeezing it out onto a cracker so it’s a win from him too.

Primula have created loads of different flavours too. Cheese with Prawns, Cheese with Smoked Salmon, Light Cheese (40% Less Fat) and the favourites in our house were Original Cheese, Cheese with Ham and Cheese with Chives. They went down a treat.

I feel like I’ve missed out a bit here but I haven’t. It’s almost like Primula thought, David needs a little something out of this too and sent the Cheese nicely packaged in this little cool bag that has proven massively helpful this past week. Thanks Primula 🙂

All in all, Primula Cheese has been a hit in our house and will be added to the big shop!

Have you tried Primula? Let me know, see you online… @dadvworld



Disclaimer* Incase it wasn’t obvious, Primula sent us their product to review. As you know by now, free product or payment for reviews DO NOT alter our honest and real opinions of the products. Keep it real 🙂




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