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Reality is setting in and I don’t like it.

September is fast approaching and that means for half a day, 5 days a week, I will be losing my little side-kick and I don’t like how I’m feeling about this.

I’ve written a couple of posts already about education and sending my boy to school. Starting NurserySchool, Do I Have To and For you, or for me? This tells me whether I’ve realised it or not, this subject has been bothering the back of my mind for some time. Well this bother has now made it’s way to the very front and it’s all I can think about. The reality that September isn’t far away at all and that I will indeed have to drop off my kid, my best pal, my little side-kick at school very soon.

I’ve been fighting myself for a good while about my feelings for education and home educating and still to this day I have conflicting views and couldn’t be 100% confident with either decision. The compromise we’ve uncomfortably settled on currently, is that we will send him to school, the same school his older sisters went to and really enjoyed. If things start going pear shaped and/or we feel we can educate him to explore the world better, then we will take him out. Our feelings are that it would be easier to do it this way than it would to go at it alone and then have to plunge him into a school months after all the other kids have settled.

Am I definitely sure this is the right thing, NO. Would I be sure doing the opposite would be better, NO. This is basically how parenting works though, you make decisions based on questions that have no correct answer, it’s a bloody minefield!

Either way our decision is now made and things are moving ahead. So this then brings me onto the next impossible parental equation, the feeling of losing my right-hand. For just short of 4 years this little person with whom I have an indescribable bond with, has been by my side pretty much 24/7. Now through my choice, he will be leaving my side to go and be influenced by others for several hours a day most days. This is heart breaking and is hurting me and it’s only June, how will I be when the time does arrive? A broken mess of a man that’s how. I know I’m not actually losing my child and maybe you read this thinking I should get a grip, maybe you’re right.

I keep trying to take the positives, he will love school and I know he will. Interacting with all the other kids, playing and learning, he’ll be having a great time. I will have a couple of hours a day where I can rest the eyes in the back of my head and get tasks done that I simply couldn’t before. What parent doesn’t need just an extra few hours a day to do whatever it is you need or want to? There are definitely positives, I just know it will take time to adjust to the new routine and lifestyle.

I think I’ve known all of this and have spent so much time thinking about it for so long that it kind of felt like the time wouldn’t ever actually arrive, but now it’s almost here.

Is anyone else feeling like this? Is your child starting school this September? Did you experience this when your child started school?

Let me know, comments, likes, shares and feedback are always appreciated.

#StayClassyMama – Or Dad, whatever :/

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21 thoughts on “Reality is setting in and I don’t like it.

  1. I can imagine how difficult this is. Our little one is only 2 and a half and I’ll be honest I’m dreading the day. I’ve cried every september the last two years when I see the pics of the little kids starting school. Its so emotional. I think I’ll just freeze time now.

  2. Our eldest will be starting nursery this coming September and it’s difficult. It’s not so bad for us since she’s already going to childcare during the week since neither of us are/can be stay at home parents but just trying to find that right school is just a nightmare! Wishing you all the best for September…. you still have a couple of months with your side kick! Have an awesome time! 😀

    1. Thanks! Same to you! Yeah it’s hard, luckily our 2 daughters have already been guinea pigs at the school Corben will be starting and they loved it, so we’re off to a decent start 🙂

    1. That’s harsh! It’s horrible isn’t because every moment is vital. What’s worse is that sometimes what is probably best for the kids, hurts us parents the most! 😞

  3. God yes! Mine is only just a year and when she started nursery it was so so hard. You’re not alone. Heaven knows what I’ll be like when school comes around… Hope he settles ok! I’m sure he will be armed with such inner confidence having had such an amazing one-on-one parenting experience every day for his first 4 years. #stayclassymama

    1. Ah thanks!! Really appreciate those kind words. He’s absolutely fine about it all at the minute, loved his hour or so playing there the other week, it’s me I worry about haha!! 🙂

  4. I love that you guys have such a strong bond. It is a bit sad when they go off to school although I must admit I like having a little bit of time away from my son as it gives us both important space to be ourselves and spend time with other people too. School also brings them on leaps and bounds in terms of behaviour and social skills which is lovely to see, Good luck, I’m sure it won’t be as bad as you think. Tor x #stayclassymama

    1. Thank you! We’re a team! Yeah I know it will be good seeing him learning different things from different people. I have no idea what I will do with the couple of hours I will get – Probably write about how much I miss him lol !! Thanks for reading 😀

  5. You do feel that – but it’s their big adventure, and that’s really what parenting is about, launching those baby birds into their life – you’ll feel it for preschool, then primary, then high school, no doubt for Uni, for marriage and when they become parents of their own. Every next step is a tug…but also a gift if they flourish into the person they’re becoming.

  6. i didn’t have the worries about time as my son was at Creche anyway , but I have found that I feel the need to give him more support as he has got older . School is a big deal ! Not necessarily in a bad way though ! Your son , and you , will thrive I’m sure #stayclassymama

  7. This sounds really tough. I am currently struggling because my son (who is 8 months) goes to nursery while I am at work. I didn’t realise how hard it would be going back to work, I didn’t know I would miss him so much! But on a positive note, I do feel happy at the end of the day when I have that special time with him. The time with him is now quality over quantity and it feels so much more intense but in a good way. I can imagine how you must be feeling, the days passing by until finally you have to bring him to his first day of school! Eek! Just know he will be better for it and so will you. That time you have for yourself feels amazing. : ) P.s. You are a #StayClassyDad (this has inspired me to do a #StayClassyDad linky one week ; ) )

    1. Thanks for your lovely words!! I feel honoured to have inspired!! 😀 He will love his time at school and I’m sure we will adapt accordingly. Thanks for reading and commenting 👍👌😎😀

  8. It’s hard letting go, esp’ when it’s your youngest and last. I’m really not looking forward to it.

    It also amazes me how many parents (myself included) are considering home schooling these days. Nearly all the parents I know have considered it or are doing it. Just goes to show how rubbish the education system is getting.

    1. Hi mate, thanks for reading and commenting! Yes Home Education numbers are rising at a rapid rate every year. It’s the best decision we ever made, it really is.

      The education system is broken and I see and hear things every day that makes me feel grateful that we’ve taken the leap with 2/3 of our children.

      It’s hard isn’t it. Your little person all of sudden going somewhere else to be cared for by someone else for a large part of each day… It’s great that there are options though 🙂

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