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Recapturing Individuality as a Dad

Recapturing Individuality as a Dad

Yes, you’re a dad. Yes, you’re a husband. But, that doesn’t mean you’re no longer your own person. Just because, these days, you do everything you can to better the lives of those that depend on you, it doesn’t mean you haven’t got your own life to lead. Just because, these days, you’re not the same individual person you once were, it doesn’t mean you can’t recapture your sense individuality. For advice on how to do just this, make sure to read on.

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Get your finger back on the pulse of the latest styles and fashions


In your younger years you had your finger well and truly placed on the pulse of the ever-changing world of style and fashion, right? Well, recapturing your sense of individuality could mean getting your finger back on this pulse!


In order to do so, first of all you should be willing to forgo heading back to your wardrobe from decades ago, no matter how ‘in style’ the items of clothing within it were back then. No, now you need pinpoint exactly what fashions are ‘it’ and are the ones being worn by fashionistas and those in the know in regards to the youth culture of today. No, this doesn’t mean dressing exactly like your teenage son. This just means grabbing inspiration from the clothes that they wear and rocking it like only a dad can; this could mean identifying that now, generally, tighter fitting jeans are worn as opposed to looser bootcut styles, and then going on and buying yourself a pair.


The need to do this extends itself past your wardrobe, too; it extends itself into your everyday grooming and beauty regimes. This means identifying what the fashionable thing is to do with, say, your hair and beard, and then growing them and tending to them in this way. When it comes to the latter, the beard, what you should do is not only grow yours out, but tend to and strengthen it with beard oils, such as those offered by Admiral Grooming too; doing so could result in you making your face the new face of Admiral Grooming whilst you’re at it. And then, if that were to be the case you’d most certainly be able to rub it in your teenage son’s face!


Get back involved with your old favourite pastimes


Yes, of course it is important to get as much quality time with your kids as you can. But, it’s also important to be a bit selfish upon occasion, too, and to get some personal quality time in for yourself.


To do this, you need to start doing things that you used to do before you became a dad. You need to start doing things that you used to enjoy doing in your free time before your dependants came along and started taking this time of yours. This could mean going down to the football more often (maybe not as much as you once did, but more than you do so now). This could mean getting in touch with your old mates more frequently, or could even mean heading out with your other half for more date nights.


Basically, whatever you used to enjoy doing in life, make sure you find time to do it more often in your current stage of life.


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