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Run away with ambition

Run away with ambition

Do you ever during an everyday conversation, just let your mind run wild?

Here’s a few examples of when I’ve let my mind run like the wind.

We live in what I’d say is a normal house. Mid-terraced, 3 bedrooms, attic conversion but doesn’t quite have all the space we need as a family of 5. It’s been built back up from bare-brick and the house is pretty nice but space is a killer. I don’t think we will ever have enough space to be honest, unless we win the lottery and buy a ridiculous house with 19 bedrooms and 74 bathrooms. (See how my mind runs away and even types for me sometimes) Anyway, so the wife was having a browse (Being a nosey b***h) on Facebook and came across a really nice house that someone she used to go to school was renting out. ‘Oooh look at that’ she said. ‘Oooh that’s lovely’ I said… Then within minutes I had the, what would be new, school run planned out, an office space, area for coats and shoes and even a new kitchen table all visualised and neatly into place in the new house. I say new house, the house the wife showed me literally seconds earlier. I’d even picked out which kitchen wall would have a pots and pans rack installed on it, I’m slightly worried this particular thought entered my head, I don’t even cook I warm stuff up.

New place we’re looking at. School run from London to Doncaster though :/

The reality is that the house was in an area that we wouldn’t move to, it would make finding the 3 year old a new and first school very difficult and we don’t even have enough money to go ahead with a house move. Donetta simply showed me a house her friend was renting out and I came up with the above in minutes. So you get the jist of what I’m saying.

Another example for you. I’m an Everton fan, there are groups on Facebook for Everton fans, believe it or not there are a few of us! I used to have a little look at them to see what people’s opinions were on the latest transfer news, latest result and Everton in general. I decided a lot of them talk utter shite, but a lot also make some very good points and I decided I’d have my say. Then my mind kicks in and before I know it I’m not just having my say I had set up a blog, a website dedicated to having my say on Everton Football Club. I had a Facebook Page, a Twitter account and was typing my little heart out with the belief I would one day get into sports media, my articles (Posts, but articles sounds better) would be read by Everton or football related websites and I’d be a real voice for the club and known by every Toffee (That’s our nickname for those who don’t know) in the world. Turns out I haven’t got the time to quite take over that world and the Dad world so it has wavered a little but again you can see how my mind escalates at a rate faster than a Dad’s fart takes over an entire living room!

I read a couple of articles and watched a few YouTube videos also only a couple of months ago, not quite 9 weeks ago actually. They were about Dad’s. Are there enough Dad voices out there in the Blogging and Vlogging communities? Is there enough help and advice out there for Dad’s in general? I thought ( I know I must calm down with the thinking), no there isn’t and being a Dad myself I’m going through this whole thing and I’ll be honest, I reckon I’m winning at Dad-ing, the mind once again get’s it’s running spikes on and off we go…. Why don’t I make a blog dedicated to my life as a Dad, why don’t I have a YouTube channel, what if I can be a source of information, a go to Dad for Dad-ing advice, even just a person known online that other Dad’s can watch or read about and either take advice from or just have the self assured feeling that what I’m doing is indeed what they’re doing and we’re all winging it as we go. What if I write that one post or make that one YouTube video that goes viral (What is viral, over 10 reads or views I hope!) and then get people throwing money at me and deals to write articles instead of posts?!

I was driving home this morning from the school run and was stuck in a bit of traffic, a little more than usual so I decided to do a short video on this particular subject just to vent these feelings basically. You can see it here. As I discussed this with myself before, during and after being on camera, is this a case of letting my mind run away with itself or is it just pure ambition. Natural ambition that I clearly have without even knowing. I mean I’ve always been a positive person, now clearly ambition is making an appearance too. My 3 year old was asked if he was going to be a doctor because he had his pretend stethoscope around his neck the other day, he responded ‘YES’ without hesitating. We’ve all had the ‘What do you want to do when you grow up’ conversation with the kids, well if they’re of conversation age and the response isn’t going to be ‘Poo’. Our 10 year old said ‘Own my own Bakery’ (This was easier to type than say…Watch my video),not work in a bakery, which is totally OK I’d never put anyone down who has ANY job, but for her instincts to be the owner I was really happy.

Dr Corben

There’s a million different things we hope to pass onto our children, I could think of tonnes right now but, I’ve always said to my wife, if I had to choose one thing it would be confidence. By confidence I don’t mean I want them to be cocky or arrogant, just confident in what they want, confident in what they have and who they’ve become and with confidence will come that natural ambition that is taking my mind on a marathon daily!



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  1. 21st July 2016 / 1:18 pm

    Ah this is great! Our minds go crazy all the time – it’s lovely to see someone writing about this as a positive thing to be harnessed. Good job! Amy x

    • DadvWorld
      21st July 2016 / 9:22 pm

      It’s definitely positive! Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚

  2. 22nd July 2016 / 8:05 pm

    I do this alllllll the time! I instantly imagine elaborate scenarios where the end point is so ridiculous I’ve almost forgotten what started the thought process in the first place. But like you, i think it’s a great thing. And yes to instilling confidence in the kids…above everything. I didn’t have much confidence about my ability to do anything until i started writing and other people (like your kind self) told me i wasn’t bad at it. I don’t want my kids to be nearly 40 before they realise they are good at stuff. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! #stayclassmama (or papa!)

    • DadvWorld
      23rd July 2016 / 8:08 am

      I’m glad it’s not just me! Confidence changes your life, having it can open all sorts of doors that would otherwise be forever closed. I wish I’d have figured out my route earlier than I have but then again this is the route I’ve been given and has put me here now! Thanks for commenting!! 😎😎

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