Self-Awareness | Such An Under-Rated Tool

Self-Awareness | Such An Under-Rated Tool

Let’s talk about self-awareness, it’s something I’ve been really concentrating on in particular this past 6 months.


conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings.
“the process can be painful but it leads to greater self-awareness”

I believe that self-awareness is something majorly overlooked, yet its benefits can be HUGE!

What’s great about self-awareness, is that it can help you in all walks of life, parenting, friendships and work life.

The benefit I’m finding about becoming more self-aware is mainly that I’m finding it easier to find the things I’m good at and easier to admit the things I’m not so good at.

I, like many others when starting something new, think that I need to learn to master all aspects of that something new. Let’s take blogging for example. You start a blog, you read 456 ‘How To Start A Blog’ posts and 972 ‘How To Grow Your Social Media’ articles and then more often than not quit.

I want to share with you a sneaky little trick that I’ve learnt and know it will help you too.

‘Learn about YOU first’

Become more self-aware. What are your strengths? What are you naturally good at? What things do you enjoy doing more than others? Once you’ve answered these questions, make a note of the things that you then realise you’re not so good at. The things you’re not so good at aren’t a weakness because knowing them becomes a strength.

Here’s where this can seem a little controversial. The list of things you’re not so good at, file it away physically, mentally or digitally, whatever works for you and don’t think about them right now.

The list of things you’ve become more aware of that you’re good at, triple down on those things and give them your maximum focus.

I believe if you do this then you’re more likely to both enjoy your new venture, whatever it is you’re trying to create and you’re more likely to succeed because you’re playing only with your strengths.

Now don’t get me wrong, in whatever field you’re moving into you will have to try and improve your weaknesses at some point more than likely. I’m merely saying to begin something such as a blog, go with all your strengths first otherwise you’ll read all those ‘How To’ posts realise you’re not great at all aspects and a month in lose the enjoyment and end up quitting. I see it happen too often.

I’m using blogging as an example as a lot of you friends reading are bloggers. If you start a blog and realise you’re actually not great at spelling or grammar, but you want to get your message out there which is ultimately the important part. You may find Instagram, more specifically Instagram Stories if talking (Like me!) is a natural strength as you can simple speak and put your message across that way instead. Behind the scenes you could use spell-check etc to improve your actual written blog.

If you weren’t self-aware you can see how easy it would be for someone to focus far too much on how rubbish they felt their writing was due to spelling and grammar being a weakness, not realise the other options that would enhance their strengths and ultimately take out any enjoyment and we all miss out on their message which is the whole reason they started.

Since evaluating myself I’ve been able to really focus on my strengths and relax a lot more about things I’m not so good at which has all in turn contributed to a noticeable growth in both success and enjoyment in recent times.

I feel it’s only fair I share this so more people can put this theory to the test and go on to achieve more!

I could talk about this topic all day so do leave a comment if you have any further questions on this or a story on how self-awareness has helped you too, I’ll see you down in the comments section… 🙂


7 thoughts on “Self-Awareness | Such An Under-Rated Tool”

  • 100% agree with this mate. The same concept as focussing on the positive things that occur instead of the negative! I believe people really need to recognise and notice when positive things happen in their day and focus on these things, talk about them! Rather than telling everyone about the negative things…

    • Here here! I’m sick to death of negativity outweighing positives. The media, Facebook it’s everywhere people moaning or shouting about the negatives. More people need to realise we live in a time where we can order shopping on a mobile phone… Things are good! Better than ever! You’re right it’s the same principle. If you’re good at something, smash it! If you’re not don’t worry, no one is good at everything 😃

  • I agree: if I thought about these things too much I never would have blogged in the first place. I love writing and this is a great way to practise that and meet new people without leaving the house! All good!

  • In business studies one of the things they teach you to do is a SWOT analysis… analyse out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. And to focus on the strengths and opportunites whilst being mindful of the weaknesses and threats. So pretty much, being self aware is the same thing isn’t it? Never really thought about it before.

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