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What Is Self-Hosting? | Bloggers

What Is Self-Hosting? | Bloggers

If you’re looking into starting a blog, the chances are you’ve seen or heard someone mention WordPress.org and that you need to be self hosted.

And you’ve thought, WTF is all that about?!

Well don’t worry, I’ve got you. It’s actually pretty simple if you strip away all the techy bullshit wording.

Basically being self-hosted means you have a web-hosting package/plan with a company like TSO Host.

Right, in English…

You want your own blog, which is basically a website, so that’s what we’ll call it so we don’t get confused. To have a website, you need somewhere in the digital world for that website and it’s data to be stored, so that when someone types in yourblogname.com your website appears.

The magical digital place where websites are stored are called servers. Companies like TSO Host have loads of these servers ready to store your website on. Because they have the servers and you want them to store your website on them, they’re given the name ‘Hosts’.


If you click the image below it will take you directly to TSO Host and via that link if you use the code DADVWORLD you will SAVE 10% OFF UK HOSTING!


blag your blog dadvworld


You still with me?

They simply store/host your website in their servers but you are still the owner of your website and it’s data. Because you’ve found your own hosting package for your website you’re now self-hosted.

Now you’ve got the self-hosting package you can buy your domain. A domain is basically your website name/identity. More on domains in and upcoming post!

Now you have your self-hosting package and your domain/website name set up, it’s at this point you then install the WordPress.org open source platform via your self-hosting dashboard. It’s very easy to do and here’s a link to a YouTube Video to help you through that part.

*NOTE* The YouTube Video isn’t me it’s one I used when first starting and was easy to follow. I’m not sure if any money saving codes in the video are still relevant, but ours is so use DADVWORLD.

Once that’s done, you then have access to the WordPress.org platform to begin building your website.


Good luck and please do feel free to ASK any questions if you’re struggling. Leave a comment below, or get in touch on social media @dadvworld

I’m continually creating as many posts in this Blag Your Blog section of the DadvWorld website as I can to help you understand, figure out and achieve your blogging goals. I’d love your feedback and/or further questions to help me create the content you need.


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  1. 24th May 2018 / 11:20 pm

    Great advice!
    Definitely something I’ve been wanting to do for quite sometime now and I still want to to take the next step in the near future once we are settled and I have a laptop again and I’m also back to blogging and vlogging again. I’m already looking into which host to use and doing my research now before taking the leap.
    Lisa @ It’s a mom’s world

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