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My Social Media U-Turn

social media u-turn

Believe it or not there was once a time when I thought tweet meant twat and Facebook meant you were a needy attention seeking wanker.

To be fair, some days these thoughts are proven true still to this day. However, I’m talking a fair few years ago when I’d literally roll my eyes at people talking about social media.

It was all relatively new and looking back I was in a place where my life wasn’t fulfilled, I didn’t have a purpose and was generally negative towards most new things.

I’d sit at my desk in the office at the 9-5 job I had, sniggering at the ‘losers’ putting their lives out online for the world to see. Getting involved with all the latest celebrity dribble that I gave zero shits about.

So what changed?

I became a Dad. Corben came along and fixed all the default negative sections of my life. He gave me a purpose which in turn refocused my life and changes were made putting me in a much better place in my life.

New things started to intrigue me, consuming became knowledge and sharing became connecting. My world changed.

My default setting for the last 6 years now has been to think, see and do positive things. This way of thinking is no joke, it’s no weird fandangled mythical nonsense, you become more positive in yourself and more positive things happen.

My huge u-turn on social media has surprised even me, but I’m so thankful that I was able to become more open minded and switch up my mindset.

What I want to know is your stories. Do you remember how you felt when social media first became popular, how long did it take for you to become wrapped up in it all?

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10 thoughts on “My Social Media U-Turn

    1. I can only imagine the type of things you will have seen in that profession. How are you enjoying the change to being a blogger? – Thanks for your kind words, genuinely appreciated 🙂

    1. Twitter, am I following you? I’ll be honest, I always forget about GIFS. Yeah Facebook is great for staying connected, so much value in social media now for all walks of life. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

    1. You’re right. We’re experiencing both ends, making money and cyber bullying! Social Media is such a powerful tool. With great power comes great responsibility as they say, only many don’t use it responsibly. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  1. So relatable this mate! My first, and only (so far), blog was about this exact same subject! I had disregarded social media when I didn’t think I needed it! I actually quite enjoyed being that one guy that said “I don’t bother with social media, it’s all nonsense”!! Then I woke up and realised I was being narrow minded and ignorant! I’ve only re-engaged with the world recently via Instagram and it has enabled me to meet so many like-minded people and opened my eyes to a positive and enjoyable world that I had shut myself away from for years! I am now a fully fledge IGer and I really love it!!

    1. When it’s used as intended it’s an amazing tool. I think people can easily take for granted how amazing social media actually is. Share things instantaniously with anyone on the planet! Incredible. I think you’re right, narrow mindedness crippled me in my younger years but now I’m well and truly open. It’s an amazing feeling and I truly believe being open minded makes us better parents. Connecting with like minded people is a huge bonus, thanks for reading mate! 🙂

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