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How To Start A Blog | 5-Step-Plan

How To Start A Blog | 5-Step-Plan

You’re thinking about starting a blog but have no idea how to go about it.

Don’t worry you’re in the right place! I’ve put together a 5-Step-Plan to get you going on your blogging journey.


STEP ONE – Choose Your Niche

What are you going to write about, will it be parenting, a life journal, beauty and make-up or travel?

Choosing your niche is very important and I’d suggest making this decision your first one to think about as everything else will evolve from this. For instance, you’re going to chronicle your parenting journey, you can then choose a relevant name for your blog that easily identifies what your blog is about, also you’ll know who your target audience will be enabling you to investigate where this audience hangs out online so you can put your content in front of their eyeballs. When choosing your niche, think about a topic/s that you’re passionate about. If parenting is your thing then go all in on that, if you’re in love with cooking and sharing recipes then go with that. Only choose a niche you’re passionate about, you don’t want to get bored 6 weeks in and have to start all over again.


STEP TWO – Choose A Blog Name

Once you’ve decided upon your niche it’s time to think of a name that suits. You want to choose a name that makes it easy to determine what your blog is about. Try to be creative with it, you’ll have to be because there are so many bloggers in so many niche’s its likely the first few you think of are already taken. Another point around choosing a name is that you should check across all social media networks to make sure your chosen name is available across all platforms. It will make life so much easier further down the line if you have the same name, tag and handle across all of the major social media platforms. I use a great website tool called Namecheckr to check chosen names across multiple social platforms in one click.

Find further advice in my post ‘Choosing A Blog Name | 6 Top Tips’


STEP THREE – Choose A Blogging Platform And Self-Hosting Package

There are many platforms that you can use to actually write your blog posts on such as WIX, Squarespace and Blogger. However the majority of bloggers use the most popular blogging software WordPress.

My personal recommendation is WordPress. Now there is a WordPress.com and WordPress.org. I explain the difference in my post WordPress.org v WordPress.com | What’s The Difference? The quick version is that .org (my recommendation) is an open source software platform that allows you to build your website/blog on your own with many addition features that you can use to grow your website/blog.

You do need a Self-Hosting package for this, again something I discuss in more depth here> ‘What Is Self-Hosting?’ If you decide the route of self-hosting you’ll need to choose a company to host your website too. There are many to choose from but the hosting company I use is TSO Host. If you click the image below it will take you directly to TSO Host and via that link if you use the code DADVWORLD you will SAVE 10% OFF UK HOSTING!


blag your blog dadvworld


 | To be transparent, if you do sign up with TSO via my link and code, I will receive a credit on my own TSO Host account.


Now don’t be daunted by all this jibberish, they don’t literally mean build the website on your own, there are hundreds of ready built themes for you to choose from to help you along the way. Oh and being self-hosted isn’t that scary either and is recommended if you’re looking to build your blog into something more substantial in the future.

WordPress.com is a free version that is very limited, you don’t actually own your website/blog and you’re not able to run advertisements using this WordPress version (Unless you pay for a premium subscription but in my opinion it’s over-priced). It’s fine if you’re looking to write a personal journal type blog, just for yourself to have a little online diary. If you’re looking to build an audience and grow your blog/brand then I’d suggest the first option .org.

I can also help you with your WordPress Website Design. CLICK HERE!

blag your blog web design

STEP FOUR – Branding 

Branding your website/blog and social media platforms is very important and also fun to do. Whether you decide to go at it alone using the plethora of free design services online or get someone in for the job it can be a fun experience to create an original logo that represents your brand. If you’re looking to build your blog into a money making machine, then branding is absolutely vital for you as your blog then becomes a business.

Create a logo that represents your blog’s niche and/or yourself. Have that logo consistently across all of your social media platforms. You want to be easily recognised to build an audience across multiple platforms. During the branding process also think about including a tag line, this can be helpful to further explain what your blog is about.


STEP FIVE – Create And Share 

So you’ve decided what you’d like to write about. You’ve named your blog accordingly to your chosen niche. You’ve chosen your blogging platform and sorted out some self-hosting. You’ve then created an awesome logo and cover/banners to bring your blog and social channels to life…

Now its time to create and share. Start getting all of those thoughts, opinions and general ramblings onto paper (OK screen, whatever!). Once you’ve written your legendary blog post get it out there, use those social channels and show off that branding to all of the people interested in your chosen topic.

Then continue to create and share as often as possible.

blag your blog dadvworld

There you have it, follow these 5-Steps and you’ll be a blogging superstar in no time. OK I can’t guarantee that but you will be up and running and getting your blog on!

I’m continually creating as many posts in this Blag Your Blog section of the DadvWorld website as I can to help you understand, figure out and achieve your blogging goals. I’d love your feedback and/or further questions to help me create the content you need.


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