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It’s Your Story | Reading With Your Kids


As home educators reading with Corben is massively important and something we really enjoy doing.

Generally at bed time most parents read a book to their children to help get them off to sleep as part of the bedtime routine. Within our home education schedule on top of doing this we also like to make sure Corben has books available to him at all times of the day.

Of course Corb is still only 4 so there’s no pressure from us to be forcing books down his throat 24/7 to be certain he becomes the next child genius. If we do this he’ll just switch off from reading altogether.

We’re always looking for new and inventive styles to introduce different ways of learning and we’ve come across another via It’s Your Story.

It’s Your Story are a company that create personalised story books for children. They have been kind enough to send us over a couple of their books using Corben’s details to test out. I’ll tell you from the off, they’re fantastic!

So firstly, the quality of the books is excellent, then most importantly the stories and the way they’ve used Corben’s information is brilliant.

So basically what you do is decide which book you’d like. You then send over your child’s details, name, address, friends names and a few other things. Obviously information you’re comfortable with sharing. It’s Your Story then transform their story into a personalised adventure just for your child. Not only do the stories read well, if you provide a photo your child will also appear in the illustrations too!

Corben’s face when he realised this book was all about him was golden! Then when he saw himself he couldn’t stop laughing. To be fair he’s not bad at settling down to read books generally but having these personalised stories has definitely sparked an extra gear in his enthusiasm towards reading.

We went with the ZSL London Zoo and A-Z books, have a look for yourself and let us know which one you’ll go with > It’s Your Story

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  1. diynige
    18th September 2017 / 6:03 pm

    These books are fab we have had similar ones for the girls their faces light up like Corben when they reaslise the book is about them fab post mate

    • DadvWorld
      18th September 2017 / 6:42 pm

      Thank you! Yes, they really are great. It’s a genius idea to encourage kids to read more, what kid doesn’t want to read a story that has them in it! 🙂

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