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Stranger Things, Stranger Reaction :/

Stranger Things, Stranger Reaction :/

The latest craze on Netflix is the new series Stranger Things. I’ll not mess about, I thought it was rubbish!

Without giving away too many spoilers, I was actually enjoying the show and was intrigued as to where the story was leading, then an alien came out of the wall. At that point Donetta and I did a synchronized eye roll that indicated the end of our interest in the show. We continued to watch it to the end as there were only a few episodes left after the very cheesy, bog standard alien twist.

OK, not all of the show was rubbish but it did disappoint us both. The 3 young actors we’re brilliant, especially when it came to the comical scenes, really impressive. The whole 80’s theme was something different and I enjoyed that aspect. For the first 2 or 3 episodes we we’re wondering where this would lead, given the imaginative 2016 we’re currently living in, then the alien…. Coming out of the wall…. There’s slightly more to the story granted, but an alien running around getting people isn’t exactly fresh and thought provoking.

There’s a missing boy, if you haven’t seen it yet, he communicates with his Mum from a parallel world, quite cool how this happens. The parallel world idea was pretty cool and in my opinion could have been built on in a much better way.

I’m genuinely shocked at the amount of people that are raving about this show and it does currently have 5/5 stars, so maybe it is just us that have completely missed something, however the show is set in the 80’s, which is exactly where aliens bursting out of the wall should stay!

Anyone else agree? Is the nostalgic feeling blurring people’s opinions? Let us know @geekvworld

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