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What Does Being A Successful Blogger Mean?

What Does Being A Successful Blogger Mean?

How do you measure success?

There are no set markers within the blogging industry.

Of course there are many awards available, certain ones that are regarded as more important than others. Is winning one of the big awards the way to measure your blogging success? It’s certainly a form of success, being recognised among your peers and there are usually financial benefits to winning such awards too.

Finances are another indicator of success, but again not for all. Is earning a little extra pocket money each month, paying the bills, or even earning a full time wage the way you measure if you’re a successful blogger?

Success can’t be measured as a one size fits all, especially not in the blogging world.

In many walks of life success is measured by the two forms mentioned above, recognition or money.

For me personally there are several ways I measure my own success. Finance plays a part as I’m a full-time blogger and do earn part of my living via my blog. Recognition in terms of awards isn’t really something I’m focussed on. Don’t get me wrong if one fell on my lap I’d shout from the roof-tops, however I’m not chasing down a Top 10 position or an award for best this, that or the other.

The No.1 driving force for me is connecting with people. Messages, tweets, comments and any other form of acknowledgement from essentially a stranger, telling me they love what I’m doing, they think the same thoughts as I do and saying I have in some way motivated or helped them gives me a sense of achievement, a sense of success.

In many of my posts I set out with one goal, share my story/thought and have it resonate with another person. When I receive a message telling me I’ve inspired, motivated or influenced another person, I’ve then achieved my goal, I’ve succeeded.

Of course through sharing my stories and thoughts I hope to engage with other people and build a community. A community that I prefer to call friends rather than followers. A community rather than a following. As the community grows I feel more successful, it means that I’m reaching more friends to inspire, motivate and help.

Now I don’t hide away the fact that as the DadvWorld community grows this obviously benefits me financially. The bigger my community, the more bargaining power I have to work with brands. But, the more money I can accumulate month to month the better the content can be. The more successes I have, the more knowledge I gain on how to achieve that and I can pass this on to the section of my friends that want this information.

For me it’s win, win, win. I win, my friends win and anyone I work with wins. This is success to me.

As mentioned earlier, success is measured differently by different people. This is why I decided to not only share with you my version of success but I asked a load of my blogging friends how they measure their own successes too.

I was overwhelmed by the amount of responses and thought the best value I could give to anyone reading this, is by sharing all of them!

Here’s how my blogging friends measure their success…


Henry – henrysblog.co.uk

Success to me isn’t about any sort of reward, whether monetary or traffic (thank goodness!) – it’s about positive feedback and reactions. I like it when people say they’ve read one of my posts and that it helped them, or was somehow relevant to the situation they were going through. I don’t even mind it when they disagree (so long as they do it politely) – just knowing that people have an opinion is success to me. There’s nothing worse than taking the time to write something and finding out that nobody cares either way.

Lianne – anklebitersadventures.co.uk

I started my blog in February last year and am totally overwhelmed by the opportunities it’s given me and my family and that I’ve made a full time job out of it

Adam – storiesofadad.co.uk

To me it’s people commenting on your work, being touched or inspired. People coming up to you in real life, or online, sharing their thoughts. Success to me is people reading, and coming back to read more. No matter how many ‘hits’ you get, just one person affected positively is enough.

Laura – dearbearandbeany.com

When I receive a message from a reader telling me that their post has helped them in some way. Made them feel less alone and that what they are doing or feeling is normal.

Matthew – dadupnorth.com

Similar to above. Blogging will never be my job, so I’m not arsed about earning money from it. I was stopped in the street last week by a complete stranger, she had watched my proposal video with her husband and it got them talking about their engagement/proposal/dating. She said they had such a lovely evening reminiscing and she wanted to thank me…..that’ll do for me

Lauren – inspirecreateeducate.co.uk

Success for me isn’t just about finances. It’s about being able to put your message out there and know it will be heard. It’s about experiencing fresh opportunities. Of course being able to earn from a blog helps – but it’s not what makes a blogger truly successful.

Tim – brokenthoughts.co.uk

Success for me is getting a post out there. Sometimes I blog to get content out for the sake of it, other times it’s for me – somewhere to look back on that’s more personal than social media.

I love stats and the more views I get the more overwhelmed I am that people would click on a link to my blog (people definitely don’t stumble on to my blog), but fundamentally my blog is for me to reminisce with my family later in life.

Rachel – coffeecakekids.com

To me, success was when I was I was making enough money to call it a job. I earn as much now blogging (usually!) as I did as a teacher (when childcare costs are taken into account) so it is enabling me to be at home and working around the children. Whilst I never intended for it to be a job – I didn’t even know I could make money from it when I started 4 years ago – it has turned out that way.

Also to add to that – teaching made me so bloody miserable and the thought of having to go back to it was really affecting my mental health so being able to earn money whilst doing something I love was just AMAZING!

Kaden – Dadvibes.co.uk

I’m only on my second post into the world of blogging so I have a long way to go, but already I’m finding it very rewarding. I’ve been able to educate my readers with so few words, so I guess success to me would be my posts going even further and getting even more positive feedback!

Kacie – therarewelshbit.com

No matter how long I’ve been blogging for, nothing beats that giddy feeling I get when someone says they’ve heard of my blog!

Dave – thedadventurer.com

As the stay-at-home parent, my blogging success was always financially driven. Could I earn a bit of money to contribute to our bank account, review a product we couldn’t afford, or go on a day out we couldn’t justify? Obviously blogging is WAY more than that and this is only one of the many reasons why I blog, but I’d be lying if I didn’t equate income with success.

Natasha – mummyandmoose.co.uk

Success to me is about finding balance so that I am writing because I enjoy writing and not to meet deadlines.

Tom – theunlikelydad.com

Success to me is getting lovely messages from gay parents/adopters saying how helpful the blog has been for them on their journey. All the additional stuff (sponsored posts, party and event invites, freebies) is amazing, i love it. But honestly just writing and taking photos, with it being my passion, being received well is an amazing feeling. Just waiting on that book deal then i’m done…

Kate – kateonthinice.com

For me my first success was when I got my first comment from a woman and mum telling me she was relieved to hear someone has similar feelings to hers. That one comment still matters loads 10 yeas in and I have pretty much taken it has my driver ever since despite the foreign holidays, free gifts, free food and restaurant reviews that are lovely but in the end when one of you reads my eulogy (!) I want you to say that i made a difference to someone.

Tim – slouchingtowardsthatcham.com

Success for me isn’t about the money or the numbers. I’m not motivated by rankings, stats or monetisation. So success for me is all about how my writing makes me feel. Do I feel my writing is good and getting better? And do people whose opinion I genuinely value think my writing is good? I can answer “yes” to both questions so that is success to me.

And even if that wasn’t the case, I’m still chronicling the little moments of being a parent that both the kids and I will always have as a reference to look back on. Having that ongoing record was a big part of why I started blogging, so I’m always succeeding on that front.

Rachel – thedaisypages.com

The best thing about blogging for me, has been connecting with other people who have the same interests as me, and learning from each other. I think it’s really changing my life for the better and making me a lot more positive about things

Nigel – diydaddyblog.com

Success, I’m not sure what it is if I’m honest, but for me it’s a combination of 3 things.
1. What I write is read by at least one person that’s then successful to me, I have been lucky enough to gain a lot of loyal readers, and that’s a good feeling.
2. If somebody takes the time to comment on a post, and reacted to something I have written. Good or bad, that’s successful to me.
3. I have Been lucky enough to work with some great brands so money has become a part of the success. I would be lying if I didn’t say that.
Finally the reason I started was for me and my children it’s hopefully a diary of their lives and mine for them to read one day.
Success is different for everybody but that’s mine.

Justine – Liljemandbabye.wordpress.com

Having only started blogging two month’s ago, having someone tell me that they look forward to my posts is a success to me. Simply knowing that someone enjoys them.

Carl – ablokeseyeview.co.uk

I think my blogging success is they after 3 years, I’m still doing it.

Before blogging, the only thing I used a laptop was for playing champ manager 😁.

Kirsty – themoneysavingmum.com & hakzvideos.com

Being able to be myself & being accepted – that’s the biggest success for me.

John – dadyougeek.co.uk

Success if finding out there are a great bunch of like minded Dad bloggers out there, a fantastic creative community and have made some great friends along the way

Rhian – rhianwestbury.co.uk

Success to me is when I have people tell me how useful and helpful my post has been. This could be someone tweet me that they’ve stumbled across it or a comment on my blog but helping or engaging with people is the most important to me

Ryan – dadsapp.org

I’m not in the same stratosphere as everyone else in this group as I don’t monetize my blog and get very few hits on the website. I define my success by the fact I managed to publish a blog. I find working full time, have 2 kids and trying to get healthy (mind&body) that my blog has become very therapeutic for me. I feel an achievement every time I write and if people reply or if I get feedback even better. I like the connections that I’ve made from doing it too. However, I honestly don’t think it’s for everyone and I see 1 year in that if I wanted to monetize the site I would need to change my entire ethos to do so, work twice as many hours and learn a lot faster than I am just now.

Laura – autumnsmummyblog.com

I think success is subjective based on your own thoughts, feelings and experiences. I’m fortunate enough to count many successes with my blog. From the number of people it’s helped, to the brands I’ve worked with, I’m very proud of my achievements. It still amazes and delights me that people enjoy reading what I have to say!

John – dadbloguk.com

Success = having fun. I’ve worked in PR and journalism but neither have been as enjoyable as blogging, another part of the same industry.

Jennie – ricecakesandraisins.co.uk

When someone told me a post I had written had helped them, it made me realise that it really didn’t matter if I only ever had a very small number of followers because it helped that one person

Phil – corporatedad.co.uk

Blogging has helped me save my house. Through the additional income made we’ve managed to ease the burden of my wife being out of work through depression and still go take the kids out and provide toys for Christmas etc.

Lucy – mrshsfavouritethings.com

Success for me is reaching women who are struggling, whether that is with their mental health or recurrent miscarriage. If my blog inspires them or makes them feel less alone then it has been a success. It means so much when I get sent a message saying that I’ve helped someone. It just shows the power of blogging.

Elliot – musicfootballfatherhood.com

Success is doing something I love doing and it entertaining/helping others. Success is using my voice and providing a platform for others to use theirs. It’s about tackling the difficult subjects and starting a conversation around them. I’m aiming to run my site fulltime at some point in the future so monetising is definitely an indication of success to me.

Donna – lifeandotherstoriesblog.wordpress.com

For me, it was when a lady in America who is part of a CHD Facebook group I am on, messaged me to say how much she was enjoying getting to know our family via our blogs. Also every time another parent tells me that their child has the same cardiac condition as myself & I am giving them hope. I’ve wanted to blog for years, but only now, as my kid’s get more independent do I finally have the time.

Neil – progressivefamilyfood.com

My blog is about helping parents of fussy eaters over come meal time battles which, having gone/going through it with my family, I am mildy obsessed about. I really enjoy the topic and writing about it but the biggest successes for me are when I get feedback from parents who say that my work has made a difference to their lives and the relationship their kids have with food. For me, that is awesome!

Laura – fivelittledoves.com

Success to me is being able to share my story of loss in a positive way. It brings me huge comfort to hear from others that Joseph has touched their hearts in some way or helped them through their own heartache.

Simone – midlandstrade.co.uk

Success to me is when I being able to express myself in a language that is not my native reaching people that like, share and appreciate I am about blogging. I have been blogging for several years back in Brazil, but just now I can see it with a prospect of becoming my job for life.

Nicole – talesfrommamaville.com

There is nothing more powerful than the written word and knowing that my words are touching a chord with exhausted/ stressed/ overwhelmed mothers and helping them realise they are not alone – that gives me a blogging high. Putting a smile on a tired mum’s face is success to me.
Acknowledgement from brands and other bloggers also gives me an adrenaline rush.

Kelly – adventuresofariotgrrrl.com

Every time someone new reads my blog and comments I see that as a success because slowly but surely you’re finding your own audience and talking about things you enjoy. It’s amazing to work with brands and get paid but I am all about the readers



Probably the longest post ever on DadvWorld.com

Some fantastic insight into the thinking of a massive range of bloggers. Men, women, dads, mums, new bloggers and one’s that have been at it for years.

A massive thank you to everyone that has taken the time to get involved and give me the chance to share what success means to you.

Please do click all the links and go have a look at all the amazing bloggers that have taken part in this post… See you online @mrdavidshaul







  1. 1st December 2017 / 7:47 am

    Really interesting to hear what so many people get out of and/or expect from blogging! Being a complete newbie myself it’s not something I’ve ever thought about. Ive just looked at it as a platform to express thoughts and share some stories while hopefully offering readers something interesting and entertaining. I have seen first hand how receiving positive feedback and creating a network and becoming part of a community can be very rewarding through my wife. She has a fairly established blog which I can see clearly gives her great satisfaction when a post generates a bit of a buzz or people let her know how much they enjoyed or related to her words. I think this is the best way to gauge ‘success’… through the feedback from your readers.

    • DadvWorld
      8th December 2017 / 10:29 am

      Yes! Definitely. Engagement and feedback is huge and does give you a sense of achievement and success. 🙂

  2. 1st December 2017 / 12:34 pm

    Great post. And thank you so much for including me. It’s so interesting how we all rank success differently. Hugs Lucy xxxx

    • DadvWorld
      8th December 2017 / 10:30 am

      Thanks Lucy! No problem, thank you for getting involved. It is great to see how many different views there are. 🙂

  3. 1st December 2017 / 1:54 pm

    It was fascinating to read what other bloggers count as being success. I’m not a full time blogger but for me it’s getting to know people and building relationships. It’s having friends! 🙂

    • DadvWorld
      8th December 2017 / 10:32 am

      The people are the best bit. Well, the good ones anyway! 🙂

  4. 6th December 2017 / 10:00 am

    Success can mean many things but as I said in my quote, have fun. For some people like me, blogging is an occupation. It’s the most enjoyable one I’ve ever had and I’m running my own business. No, I won’t be retiring any time soon, but trust me I’m having lots of fun! Thank you also for writing a positive post when I’m hearing so many negative vibes in the blogging world at the moment.

  5. 25th January 2018 / 2:13 pm

    Another great post.
    Personally, although I’ve technically had a blog for years now, I would measure success by people actually reading what I write. As a writer you want people to read – surely? Getting feedback just galvanises knowing people are reading and visiting my posts.

    • DadvWorld
      25th January 2018 / 2:26 pm

      Yeah definitely. It’s always nice to know people are reading what you write. How long have you been blogging? Thank you for reading and commenting mate, always appreciate your input 😃

      • 25th January 2018 / 2:49 pm

        Post on theyorkshiredad.com go back to 2015 but it’s intermittent and only in the last couple of months have I really blogged with consistency. For a while it was just a place my instagram posts dumped out to as well. I have other blogs that are dormant that I dabbled with too though.

        • DadvWorld
          25th January 2018 / 5:47 pm

          You’re a seasoned pro then! I’ve got about 15 websites that I’ve bought designed then gone no further with. DadvWorld is where it’s at 😂

  6. 22nd May 2018 / 7:51 am

    Brilliant read, so empowering and inspiring. I have been blogging for 5 years now but in that 5 years it has been very on & off due to many changes in our personal life. I’m hoping that one day I will also be able to turn my blogging into a full-time job and reading this has really made me more determined to want it more. I can totally agree with everything you mentioned, it isn’t about numbers or followers for me. It is about community and making new friends, meeting new people (hopefully one day soon) and the thought that my blogs could help someone someday, that would be my biggest goal and my reward…which to me is enough.
    Lisa @itsamomsworld.

  7. 10th July 2018 / 10:51 am

    One of my biggest pet peeves when reading a blog is seeing multiple spelling and grammar errors. This is understandable, of course, because spell check does not always pick up on certain errors. It is even easy to read through your own post multiple times and not see a certain error.

    • DadvWorld
      12th July 2018 / 9:15 pm

      I’m the same Addy, I hope there’s none in this post now you’ve said that lol. I usually read it through out loud once but it can become difficult to spot as I know what I’ve said so my brain will most likely see that anyway! Thanks for reading, appreciate your comments.

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