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Teaching Your Child To Protect Their PC

Teaching Your Child To Protect Their PC



So you’ve got a kid who’s eager to get on the computer, log onto the online world, get involved in MMORPGs, or to simply use kid friendly chat rooms and stay in touch with their friends. Of course, this is a normal part of childhood these days – most kids have their own phone or laptop to use in their rooms, and they’re often a lot happier for it. But this can be a tricky area to broach, seeing as there’s all sorts of hazards out there on the online world, and your children can easily fall into them.


You’ve taught them about online safety, and to never accept a friend request from someone they don’t know, but you should also teach them about keeping their computer safe. The sites they use, and the files they download, might be less than legit without an adult eye around to gauge the danger. So here’s just a couple of things to sit down with your child and talk over.



Show them an Antivirus Software


Most of all, make sure they know what kind of antivirus is on their computer, and then make sure they know how it works. Of course, you don’t have to go into the boring and complicated details (which you might not even know yourself!), but make sure your child knows what the program does, and how it protects them. At least teach them what a firewall is, and to always check it’s turned on whenever they boot up their PC for the first time that day.


Teach Them How to Download Safely


Kids are going to be downloading a lot of things. They’re going to be downloading their favourite Youtube videos, they’re going to be downloading games launchers, and they’re definitely going to be saving image memes to their desktop to keep on hand to show their friends.


So make sure they know what a legitimate download looks like, where to find them, and what software they can run a download through to test its safety status. Kids are often naive, despite thinking otherwise, and won’t be able to always sort the scam from the legit website. Moreover, make sure you know how to filter out search results you definitely don’t want your kids clicking on and downloading through!


Have Them Turn a Tracker on


Most tech pieces have tracking software built into them, and all it takes is a few clicks to turn this software on. After all, kids are going to be taking their laptops to friend’s houses, and probably to school sometimes, and they might just lose them along the way.


If you decided a MacBook would be safer for your child to use, seeing as most hacks target other OS’, sites like https://setapp.com/how-to/set-up-find-my-mac-and-protect-data will be useful to you and your kid. If not, go though geckoandfly.com/recover-your-lost-laptop to find a software option.


Your child can become a PC protection pro, as long as you teach them how along the way.

*This post was sourced for dadvworld.com




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