This week we bought Corben his own desk and chair to create a designated workspace just for him.

Usually you would start giving your child chores to do around the house in exchange for pocket money. It’s a great idea and introduces them to the way of the world. You do some work and in return are given money and that’s how the adult world works.

Well, as always we’re doing things slightly different around here and have decided to employ Corben into the family blogging/vlogging business. Obviously in a lighthearted manner, we’re not chaining him to a desk and allocating toilet breaks. I mentioned this idea loosely on a post I wrote for our David and Donetta blog, Corben Is Joining The Family Business. But, I wanted to go in a little further to explain my thinking behind this.

As parent bloggers we obviously get opportunities to review toys, days out and other child/family related things. Corben is usually the main benefactor of such opportunities and this means he tends to get much more luxuries than he would usually have if this wasn’t our job. I’m cool with that because if we can find a way to make a living and provide things for our family all from the comfort of our own home, then why not?! Our work/life balance has hugely benefitted from our career choice.

The aspect of this I often think about however, is that line where I want to give my children all the things I can, but I also want them to appreciate how lucky they are and we are as a family to have the opportunity to lead the life we have.

toy state

Your average chores in my opinion, washing your dishes, keeping your room tidy and helping around the house now and again should be a given. If you want to incorporate payment for such chores to teach kids the way of the adult world then I’m all for it. What I’m thinking however is that those chores should be done because that’s life, cleaning up after yourself should be part of your nature not because you’ll get paid.

What I plan to do is teach Corben using these opportunities we’re afforded via the blog. He loves receiving things through the post and when a delivery has his name on he thinks it’s awesome. He’s started to enjoy taking photo’s of things and obviously likes reviewing child related products.

I thought it would be a really cool idea to integrate him into our actual business. Make him feel part of the process where he has certain little tasks to complete when receiving said products, his payment at the end being the fact he gets new toys, games and days out. We usually do all of the work and watch him experience the things we’re asked to review and just question him to enable us to write the reviews etc. I think it’s a great idea to really involve him and hope it helps teach him that in the real world you do have to put in the work to receive the benefits.

It’s much cooler than getting 50p for washing your dish after dinner.

We might even give him a job title, Chief Reviewer! As time moves on I’d like to teach him more about the blogging/vlogging world, photography, videography and all things that come along with what we’re doing as a career. He might want to follow in our footsteps or go along a different path, either way it won’t hurt to have him directly involved with everything we do, there’s so many benefits I can see from it.

Image the day I have him write a guest post on the blog… WOW!

Thanks for reading,

David 🙂



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  1. 4th October 2018 / 4:56 am

    I think this is a great idea. If I’m vlogging my son always asks if he can have a go and it’s quite fun to watch. He also has one of my old Nokia lumia it’s just used for taking photos but he loves it. He’s a natural.
    But why not do what you’re doing. After all he’s there when your working, vlogging and reviewing.

    Good post mate. And tell Corben to keep up the good work.

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