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#TearsIntoSmiles Challenge

#TearsIntoSmiles Challenge

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We all know how it starts. Eyes widen, lip starts shaking then their little faces crease up and boom! Tears explode out of their eyes and that noise…. That noise. 

I quickly evaluate whether it’s a ‘Oh what have you done, come here’ situation, or a ‘Oh get up you’re alright’ one. They’re generally my go to responses.

It’s vitally important for health, fitness and learning that our children get plenty of opportunities to play outdoors. However, with playing outdoors comes the inevitability that someone’s getting hurt, at least once. We go to quite a few meet-ups within our local home education community and every single time there’s at least a couple of the children that hurt themselves. Scraped knees, banged heads and other weird and wonderful, mystical and magical things they sometimes make up, happen every time.

With the summer coming up it’s the season of plasters! Sometimes, even when they’re not needed, they’re needed. You parents understand.


I’ve witnessed many different methods of comforting kids and used a few of my own, but the general, hug and giving the hurt area a kiss I think is the most generic solution of all. So typically I use that one as little as possible. I’m not mean, I just like to save that one for when my boy really hurts himself. I’m conscious that if we were to rush to his rescue with kisses and cuddles EVERY time he hurt himself he would start expecting that level of attention all the time and become somewhat of a drama queen.

We’ve found that if it’s just a little trip over etc and we know he’s OK, I go with the ‘Oh get up you’re alright’ response and he reacts positively to that and gets on with it.

Playing outside though as I mentioned earlier, is vital for health and learning. It’s never bad for you to have a run around outside and play games is it! We all know this. Then for us, outdoor play is also another chance to learn new things. We home educate so there’s an opportunity to learn 24/7 we believe and how better to learn about the great outdoors, than to get out an explore it. We’re out most days, learning, exploring and enjoying life in general. It’s simply crucial to a child’s development.

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast http://campaigns.elastoplast.net/plastermoments/uk

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