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Tell me I’m not the only one!

Tell me I’m not the only one!

3 Weird things I do when I’m alone

1 – Well lately I’ve found it strange that every time I need to take myself to the toilet for a sit down, I always feel like taking a few Snapchats. Not of what I’m doing obviously that’s too far, but if you follow my Snapchat story you may notice sometimes the shower curtain photobombs me or the fan we have above my head somewhere, well now you know that’s because I’m sat on the bog! Throughout the day I tend to forget about Snapchat then nature calls and I get my Snapchat-on.

2 –  I make weird noises. Do you remember the Chuppa Chub advert years ago, Pss Pss Chicka Chick Pwt t’ahh, well noises like that. Walking to put something in the bin or washing the pots, I start working my mouth around seeing what noises come out. I can’t even type the sounds, how do you spell buder bop bedar boo? My 3-year-old finds it hilarious but I’ll be honest I don’t only do it when he’s there! I know you’re wondering what I have wrong with me, as far as I know, nothing. I have noticed when my Dad is spending time with the kids he also makes a few noises that sound familiar so in time we’ll see if this is actually a trait us guys in the family have.

3 –  I suppose singing isn’t that weird, people do it in their cars all the time. I tend to do it in the shower too only sometimes I, erm… Don’t laugh because I know you do it too, I sometimes pretend I’m in a music video or film. You know when there’s a shower scene and they’re singing along or have one arm up leaning against the wall with water dripping down their face. By the way, how do they keep their eyes open I can’t do it! So yeah that’s pretty strange, I do have music on by the way so I’m in the moment.

What weird things do you do?


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